About the author: Dino Donati has a degree in Sports Science. Personal Trainer and sports conditioner for athletes and competition teams. He’s an athlete and current competitor in Freediving events. Feelforfit CEO and writer of the content.
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The burpee is a full body workout, encompasses several muscle groups and requires a lot of movement going through a transition from standing to the ground and vice versa. It is based on bending the body until hands down. Once there, legs stretched to achieve a pushup position, execute the pushup with a ballistic rhythm. Since bending position, regroup the body to perform a vertical jump. The result is a bond between a vertical jump and a pushup with a dynamic transition that links the two exercises.

Alternating jump lunge

jump lunge

This exercise focuses more on the lower body but its dynamism gives an added intensity. Having an intermediate jump to change the position of the legs, we can consider it a plyometric exercise in which we find a high demand in the legs. The shoulders are involved in the lifting phase the body when you jump to gain height helping to change leg position during flight.

Jumping Jacks

jumping jacks

The Jumping Jacks are characterized by intensity and coordination. It is very simple to execute and does not require a great physical shape. It can be performed with alternate crossed arms and legs or opening and closing both arms and legs at once. As higher the frequency of motion gets, more intense your workout will be.

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Mountain Climber

mountain climber

It is named for its position that simulates a climbing action. Departing from a plank position with arm straight, you start advancing a knee to the hip joint at 90° angle. From there, the momentum acquired is by alternating flexion-extension of the leg so that when one leg is collecting, the other is extended.



 This exercise comes from running skills and simulates a sprint situation by remaining in the same place bringing knees up and down as fast as possible. The optimal intensity is achieved with a good range of motion of the legs making knees go up and down as much as possible. If you want to make it more complete, you can move your arms up and down like a runner.


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