About the author: Dino Donati has a degree in Sports Science. Personal Trainer and sports conditioner for athletes and competition teams. He’s an athlete and current competitor in Freediving events. Feelforfit CEO and writer of the content.
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Squats and deadlifts are classic exercises that every bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast should know and use but for some people (especially beginners) can cause discomfort , either due to injury or musculoskeletal limitations.

Belong to complex exercises called multi-joint exercises, in which at least two joints are involved in the movement, such as the hip and knee. In fact , you should really talk about three joints affected , as the ankle is also involved. Only in the case of the Romanian version  deadlift (which removes the movement of the knee joint) have a less involved joint.

 crossfit deadlift

Squats are based on building strong legs, particularly the quadriceps . In addition , it also has a strong impact on the buttocks . Depending on the performance of the exercise, can amplify the intensity level from one to another muscle or location.

The same applies to the deadlift . This exercise is intended primarily for back muscles . In addition , the glutes and hamstrings are trained based on performance during exercise. In the variant with the legs straight , there is a strong change in the involvement of the hamstrings and gluteus maximus.

Often, to reflect optimal charging on these lower body muscles , lose effectiveness in the grip of the bar at which a variant may be a low pulley work to keep a good grip.

Common to all exercises is the activation of other muscles , especially the trunk , which play a stabilizing role in this case. With this multiple activation , we created a high level of lactate in the body. This has a strong metabolic activation result .

So we can say :

Deadlifts and squats help burn more fat by its metabolic action

Let’s look at the selected exercises in detail :

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Deadlift with low pulley

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This exercise will increase the load on the gluteus maximus and hamstring (especially the hamstring) as well as the erector spinae .

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In this situation we have the advantage that we can grab the rope that connects the cable and pulley with arms between the legs providing a greater sense of control. In this way we can better withstand the load and support forearms on the hip at the end of the concentric phase . It is an exercise easier to learn and does not require the technical level of traditional barbell deadlift .

Sumo Deadlift doxycycline tick bite doxycycline monohydrate used for acne buy doxycycline

 sumo deadlift

In this exercise , the load results in lower body, being a version of the traditional deadlift.

Unlike standard deadlift, now we move into a squatting position with your legs further apart and trunk more perpendicular to the ground. To perform the movement , we work hard with the muscles of the legs and emphasize less on the lower back muscles . This exercise has proved in practice to be a very effective alternative to squats and leg presses . In the picture we see the difference between both years.

Single leg squats

single leg squatsTo complete the workouts of the lower body there is an exercise that can be an interesting challenge for those who are required to go a little further. The leg squats enhance the individual work of each leg and raise deeper work the muscle stabilizers have less support than when working with two supports under the body . As you see in the picture, with the help of a bank or a high base , place one leg back and another just ahead that allows for an angle of 90 ° at the end of the eccentric phase.


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