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If  you have ever thought about drinking a cup of green tea but you are still doubting, perhaps these following 15 reasons can make you consider all the benefits that you’re missing. Go ahead and add green tea to your diet.

15 reasons to drink green tea

 green tea

1. If you drink green tea, you’ll strengthen your mind, improve your mood , improve memory and brain activity .

2. This antioxidant pump also has a cooling effect and helps with fatigue.

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3. Reduce cases of caries. If you drink green tea every day , visiting the dentist less and less, a fact proven in studies by British scientists.

4. Promotes normal activity of the heart and stomach.

5. Promotes the circulation of blood and energy.

6 Green tea is a prevention of the formation of cancer. It is also compatible with the action of the immune system. To this end, acts beneficial for prevention and treatment of disease and radiation poisoning.

7. Because it contains antioxidants, green tea if taken regularly , aging slows cells and contributes to the rejuvenation and long life .

8. Green tea is known as one of the more useful products , because it contains many substances that play an important role in the human body . Zinc metoprolol online kopen buy buy, advair watson advair diskus pharmacy part time classification retail a, fever purchase baclofen online pharmacy liv 5 days. , for example, present in large quantities in green tea , is a valuable contribution in the normal course of pregnancy.

9. Green tea helps balance cholesterol levels in the blood and other pollutants, and deposits in the walls of blood vessels. Helps prevent atherosclerosis, hypertension and heart disease.

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11. Improves flexibility of the body and nervous system.

12. It is a powerful remedy for obesity. It’s a beauty tool that expands the skin and opens the pores.

13 . It is beneficial for eye diseases and strengthens the eyes.

14 . Regulates the balance of acid and alkaline in the body for optimal blood PH.

15 . During the summer heat, it is best to drink green tea because it cools the body and so the body temperature adapts to external conditions . Ten minutes after drinking a cup of green tea, body temperature drops by two degrees and is comfortable during a hot environment.


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