About the author: Dino Donati has a degree in Sports Science. Personal Trainer and sports conditioner for athletes and competition teams. He’s an athlete and current competitor in Freediving events. Feelforfit CEO and writer of the content.
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This method consists in progressively increasing the load to the maximum while the number of repetitions decreases proportionally. Its great advantage is the capacity recruit motor units (muscle fibres). Coming from the world of powerlifting, this popular method is actually a combination of methods by Zatsiorsky. If you look, the bottom (base) of the pyramid is equivalent to the method of sub-maximal strength (70-85%) and at the top maximal strength (85-100%). Depending on whether the goal is where can i purchase dapoxetine dapoxetine phone orders to buy dapoxetine in usa online pharmacy dapoxetine dapoxetine 90 mg what is it used hypertrophy or muscle coordination (maximum strength), the base or the top of the pyramid are more or less used.

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In both cases A and B you can see pyramids where the load (weight) is rising progressively and reps are decreasing. The difference between both is in the number of repetitions and intensity of the workout. Pyramid A starts with a 75% intensity and ends at 95% with a single repetition. It is a typical pyramid to train maximal strength. Moreover, the pyramid B starts with a lower 60% working charge with more repetitions (8) and ends with a lower intensity (80 %) but with more reps (4) . This second pyramid is more conducive to muscle hypertrophy. A variant in both systems would be the descending pyramid in which you can start from the top and end at the base.

In the third case we find a double pyramid. There are two facing pyramids, so that in the first one, repetitions decrease and the load increases and the second one goes the other way round. This type of pyramid is not recommended to work explosive strength as it involves a significant fatigue in fast twitch but instead is very useful for building muscle mass.

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As complementary to the previously mentioned systems, we can also work with a truncated pyramid that is not reaching the maximum, therefore follows the same dynamics as classical but finishes at sub-maximal loads. It is also used to work strength. Example: 1x8x65% + 1x7x70% + 1x6x75% + 1x4x80%. Another pyramidal system can be flat or stable pyramid where after a series of heating and an intermediate, we work for 5 sets (2 of 3 reps. 2 of 2 reps. and 1 of  1 rep .) to a higher and constant intensity. To finish the job, an intermediate set .


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