About the author: Dino Donati has a degree in Sports Science. Personal Trainer and sports conditioner for athletes and competition teams. He’s an athlete and current competitor in Freediving events. Feelforfit CEO and writer of the content.
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Supersets like any other system, have a specific application, in this case provides a factor of variety to “surprise ” the body with a new and different challenge for the muscle. The basis for an exercise to be considered a superset is in the combination of 2 exercises performed one after another without rest as if they were one. Often used in load periods where we aim for muscle volume. It works as a tool for pre/post fatigue , for example, before or after a major exercise, we can introduce a different exercise but related to the main one to create an effect of fatigue in the muscle which this leads to greater blood pumping from the bloodstream into the muscle so proteins get transported more effectively.

Being a 2 in 1 set, there is a concept of intensity that is superior than a traditional strength training workout as we move more weight in the same space of time. For a higher metabolic rate it is very effective and it fits well in short workouts where we seek the maximum intensity and time of useful work. For this reason it is not advisable if we work maximum strength (more rest time is needed and fatigue doesn’t help to move extremely heavy weights).

Setting an example, if you are training chest, we can do a bench press with the first 10 repetitions for example and then without resting, do 10 push-ups on the floor or some other fitness apparel that can be another kind of difficulty as a 2 days ago – “ buy cheap generic fluoxetine online without prescription” abstract: fluoxetine hydrochloride enantiomers were separated by fluoxetine  Bosu or Fitball. We can also try to do pushups with a different angle or even another chest exercise. The possibilities are many and do not have to follow a single pattern if the effect is positive.

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superset exercise

If you want to get even more involved in this system, we can also use supersets in another way. Especially in days when we need to shorten the training time and make a smooth session, we can play with a mix of main (leader) muscles and antagonistic (contrary) muscles. A clear example is what happens to the arm instead of training biceps and then triceps after, we can interleave the two muscles so we can start with a barbell curl for example, and link the set with a French press (triceps . In this way we get a work of the protagonist muscles (biceps) which make the function of elbow flexion and then follow with an antagonist group (triceps) on which we get the opposite function, elbow extension. Having isolated the two muscles in their actions, we can afford to work without fatigue and deal with the superset.

In a session with mixed objectives such as high intensity training when we find both cardiovascular and strength training exercises can also include supersets and capitalize experiencing new sensations and adaptations.


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