About the author: Dino Donati has a degree in Sports Science. Personal Trainer and sports conditioner for athletes and competition teams. He’s an athlete and current competitor in Freediving events. Feelforfit CEO and writer of the content.
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In the field of physical activity and sport there are several issues that generate debate arising from different views and often, by excess of information. Let’s talk about stretching. It is logical and obvious that stretching is beneficial, even necessary within a workout or physical activity which is undertaken hygienically and structured. Doubt or confusion comes when we select the moment when we must do these stretchings and also what kind of technique we must apply. 

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It’s a matter of “how” and “when”

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Well, the answer is more complicated than what you can apparently imagine, but it has its logical explanation. We can say that it is possible to stretch at the beginning of a session, during the session, at the end of the session and even outside the session (a session only based on specific stretching).

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Before starting a workout it is advisable to do general stretching and specially focusing more on the muscles involved in the actions that we have to execute. If we are to go jogging, it is preferable to focus the stretching in the lower extremities, but if we are going to do a full body work out in the gym, we can do a more complete stretching.

Having said this, the most important is the way we do it, the system we use. On warm-ups, the priority is to increase body temperature and therefore have to prioritize first joint mobility combined with exercises that will help us warm-up. Stretching in no case can be static if our session (in most cases) leads to actions which demand the muscles to contract repeatedly demanding or no explosive movements. Performing static stretching we can easily elongate our muscles which can increase the risk of injury if then we demand actions of muscle stretch-shortening such as a sudden sprints or squats.

 muscular stretching

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It will be more indicated to perform a stretching action that simulates and prepares your body for the activity you are going to make. For most cases, we should do dynamic stretching, based on ballistic movements. Those that require a stretch of the muscles in a particular gesture without being extended in time but repeatedly, so that translates into elasticity and not flexibility. We do not want to be more flexible but just prepare the body for the session.

hamstring stretchingDuring a session it is unusual to perform stretching. It is perhaps the most unusual situation. Such cases can be found in strength workouts, between sets of strength training, the muscle involved in the workout is slightly stretched if the user notes that the muscle is stiff or stressed more than usually. It can be a gentle stretching and in any case a painful action as it may cause a micro-rupture of the same muscle.

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At the end of the sessions (also known as cool-down) stretching takes the lead role in training. Predominantly price for zyban bupropion without prescription static stretching. In this case you can force a little voltage level if it is indicated but never exceed the pain threshold. It is preferable to avoid pain issues and simply notice a stretching feeling. It will never gonna be contraindicated to stretch all muscle groups but in any case, make sure to focus on muscles that have been involved in training. For example if you have cycled, we will not give the same importance to biceps stretching than quads. Stretching the muscles at the end of each session will make the muscles go back to normal state and not remain contracted due to training load. We can prevent injury and avoid shortening due to muscle rigidity.

In the latter case, if we really want to gain flexibility in our muscles, we devote specific sessions for this purpose. Muscles will be relaxed and then we can apply specific methods to gain flexibility like CRAC or PNF. It is the surest way to require the muscle stretch without a severe risk of injury and focused on gaining range of joint movement. As a conclusion, we can say that stretching is beneficial in most cases provided by the most suitable method for each situation.


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