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  • Foot Diagnosis for runners

    Foot Diagnosis for runners

    Physiology April 30, 2013 8:17 am no comments

    The importance of a tread test or foot diagnosis before buying running shoes is very important to prevent future injuries. All persons who are running 3 or more days per week should check their tread type to be sure to take appropriate footwear because of biomechanical characteristics to ensure prevention […]

  • How to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model

    How to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model

    Celebrities March 5, 2013 2:52 pm no comments

    How do the angels of Victoria’s Secret look so spectacular? How many times have you thought “I would like to have the same body as they have“? sale phenergan phenergan sales buy phenergan online Well, I must tell you that as we always say, it is called discipline and dedication. […]

  • Top 3 running apps for smartphones

    Top 3 running apps for smartphones

    Fitness & sports January 18, 2013 10:07 am no comments

     Are you a runner? And have you got a smartphone? If you answer yes to both, you very possibly installed a running app (application) in your smartphone.  We live in the technological era and physical activity hasn’t escaped from this fact. New technologies are involved not only for professional use […]

  • Running on an empty stomach

    Running on an empty stomach

    Fitness & sports, Physiology January 8, 2013 10:05 am no comments

    propecia 40 year old acquire propecia Running on an empty stomach is another tip/trick used by many people in the past years to obtain a fat burn effect. Like all other methods in fitness and nutrition, it’s a common subject of discussion. People have several points of view, some think […]

  • Why training with a partner

    Why training with a partner

    Fitness & sports December 31, 2012 1:16 pm no comments

    Having a online canadian pharmacy store! buy dapoxetine in india . online drugstore, cheap generic dapoxetine. partner to train with can be a very positive point in your trainings. Some people are more individual in this aspect but lots of us can take advantage of this situation for many reasons […]

  • Breathing consciously

    Breathing consciously

    Fitness & sports, Physiology December 4, 2012 3:04 pm no comments

    From birth, all living species breathe unconsciously but very few of us have ever wondered how we do it and even more, how we apply it to exercise. Breathing is a cyclical process that the human being (in most cases) inadvertently repeats between 25,000 and 30,000 times per day. The […]

  • Which kind of Cardio training do I need?

    Which kind of Cardio training do I need?

    Fitness & sports November 30, 2012 11:01 am no comments

    Cardiovascular training involves physical conditioning that exercises the heart, our breathing system and associated blood vessels. In other words, when you do a cardiovascular training session, you’re working out heart, lungs and circulatory system plus the involved muscles (lower body if cycling or upper body if rowing for example). CV […]

  • The Jamaican sprinter secret

    The Jamaican sprinter secret

    Physiology February 9, 2012 10:38 am no comments

    Since the latest records and multiple successes top quality medications. purchase zoloft online no prescription. fastest shipping, average zoloft cost. in athletic tracks, Jamaican sprinters have been an interesting study subject. Several biological factors may be coming into play here as a definitive cause. The whole thing has to do […]

  • Nicole Scherzinger training

    Nicole Scherzinger training

    Celebrities December 1, 2011 10:41 am no comments

    For one of the most beautiful and modern celebrities, the best place to be active is outside in open air. The famous singer Nicole Scherzinger encourages parents to get their kids outside, playing, running and having fun. They can keep fit while doing something they will be enjoying. A lot […]