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As explained in previous posts, the Hypopressive Method is a system that is revolutionizing the field of fitness and sports performance but had earlier caused sensations in the therapeutic field. The essence comes from the hand of Doctor buy amoxil online, is it ok to take amoxicillin with benadryl, amoxicillin 500 paypal. Macel Caufriez which specializes in gynecological physiotherapy. Today, with new applications, their benefits are many, but initially this method was developed specifically for women’s postpartum.

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hypopressive method

How can the Hypopressive Method benefit you?

The methodology focused on activating the abdominal muscles with no pressure on the abdominal, low cost zoloft zoloft online overnight purchase zoloft thoracic and pelvic cavities allow reprogramming the same abdominal binder and pelvic floor muscles that in many cases yields because of excessive internal pressures. This happens especially during periods of pregnancy with women and often leads to urinary incontinence, prolapses, dyastasis or other occurrences. In men, being genetically distinct, often pressures manifest as umbilical or inguinal hernias.

Hypopressive exercises are specially designed to redress these situations but especially to prevent them in the first place, with a high degree of effectiveness. Functional abdominal muscles and pelvic floor will allow adequately contain the internal organs and prevent the release of them, which occur in women and the consequences listed previously. In both sexes, the decrease in pressure also favors a relief for the spine, especially in people with lumbar disc herniations.

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To all this, there are more reasons why it is beneficial to practice Hypopressive exercises. From the official website, we suggest up to 10 different reasons why this method may be beneficial for you:


Hypopressives manage to reduce waist perimeter as the abdominal binder muscles contract involuntarily. These exercises cause a “hollowing effect” of the belly without making voluntary efforts to hide it unlike some yoga exercises for example. This increases the resting tone of your abdominal muscles. Showing a relaxed belly you’ll still look flat and fit.


By performing these exercises your vertebras will be exposed to traction and they will feel decompressed by decreasing the pressure so that the back pains and other back discomforts diminish or disappear.


The increased blood flow and increased sensation in the genital area increase desire, sensation and control in all matters related to sex.


The improvement of the respiratory muscles, higher production of red blood cells, improve postural and biomechanical features. All together causes a significant improved athletic performance. Red blood cells, EPO and other blood parameters increase at higher rates than in altitude training.


All the research shows very notable decreases urinary incontinence even in older women. Increased support function makes a competent pelvic floor and repositioning of the bladder are some of the explanations.

 hypopressive exercises


Abdominal, inguinal, umbilical, disc and vaginal hernias plus groin injuries are caused by two factors: 1 A pressure increase and 2 A tissue that does not hold enough. Hypopressives increase muscle tone and fascia preventing that logic increases of pressure such as exertion, coughing, sports activities cause hernias.


The method was conceived in postpartum physical therapy and is considered the best method of preparation for childbirth and recovery thereof being applied in hospitals and clinics in many countries.


Inhale and exhale muscles are enhanced, this fixes problems with asthma and improves the uptake and utilization of oxygen.


The system provides overall muscle tone regulation. Reduces excess tone of some muscle groups that have an excess of it and increases the tone of the muscles that have a defect thereof. It is what is known as “normotonization” and provides some obvious improvements in postural habits within just a few sessions.


The aspiration that leads into the abdomen causes the bladder, rectum and, in women, the uterus to settle easily into place.

From Feel For Fit, we recommend you to contact an official instructor qualified in Hypopressive Method to learn the technique correctly and follow the methodology with the greatest benefits and always under control and security.

Bibliography: 10 reasons to do Hyporessive gymnastics (www.metodohipopresivo.com)


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