About the author: Dino Donati has a degree in Sports Science. Personal Trainer and sports conditioner for athletes and competition teams. He’s an athlete and current competitor in Freediving events. Feelforfit CEO and writer of the content.
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Are you losing hair and you don’t know why?

This is a very common concern for most people, many who have suffered at some point in their life a more than usual hair loss. This partial or complete loss of hair is called alopecia or baldness.

Each person has about 100,000 hairs in the scalp, with a loss of about 100 single hairs a day. This would be a normal hair loss, the problem comes when it falls down more than this amount, or if the loss is not replaced by new hair.

Although hair loss is more common among men, women also suffer. In both sexes over the years amount and thickness is decreasing, so that baldness is related to aging people. Approximately 50 % of men start to go bald at age 30, and most are bald or have a pattern of baldness at age 60.


There are several types of baldness as appropriate

Androgenic alopecia

Usually the most common and usually affects men more than women. It is linked to androgens, by inheritance or genetic factors. The hair loses its thickness and decreases the amount, until the moment it disappears.

This type of hair loss is due to dihydrotestosterone and excessive sensitivity to this hormone, which causes the phase of hair growth is much shorter and to result in the new hair achieved having neither the thickness nor the usual size, making them almost invisible.


Diffuse alopecia

This type of loss is not irreversible, you can return to recover all the lost hair. It is a strong change in the percentage of anagen hairs ( growth phase ) and telogen ( falling phase), falling prematurely.

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This type of alopecia, on the other hand is much more common in women and below we explain the possible causes.

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The causes of hair loss can be several

Stress loss

Sometimes the stress suffered in some point, both physical and emotional level, can affect the scalp. The loss does not always happen at the same time but can occur time later.

The person may realize when combing, running its hands through the hair or just washing the hair with shampoo, or in more extreme cases by having areas with a lot less hair.

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The strong stress and mental agitation caused by this situation, increases hair loss. Also causes it the intake of drugs that are prescribed for treatment and antidepressants or tranquilizers.

In case you suffer from hair loss for these reasons, talk to your doctor to prescribe more appropriate medications for your case.

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Loss due to use of chemicals

Today, both men and women use hair products, and these products can increase hair loss. Both using the dryer, irons, harsh shampoos, hair gels, sprays and foams, affect our scalp.

Disease loss

Anemia, in other words, lack of iron in the blood is one of the causes that can cause hair loss. This occurs because iron deficiency causes poor development of follicles.

Autoimmune people also suffer losses, like cancer patients receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Medications given to these patients, cause their  cells and tissues to stop developing to avoid the cancer from spreading and that also involves the hair.

Loss on drugs

Although we’ve talked about some of them as antidepressants or tranquilizers, there are more drugs that affect the same way like sterioids. There are cases of scalp fall in consumers of anabolic steroids. There have also been cases with birth control pills in women, as they cause a hormonal imbalance in the body.

Soon we will give you possible treatments to cure or stop hair loss.


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