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10 crossfit routines (wods)

10 crossfit routines (wods)
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  1. Before you start you have to warm up. You should run for five minutes. Then for about eight-ten minutes you should do some push-ups, some squats, some Burpess (burpees is to do a push-up get up do a jump and reiterate). Never start cold training, you must be sweating and you must have moved each and every joint of your body.
  2. Keep track of your training by writing down the score in a notebook or on your mobile phone; in terms of the weights with which you do the circuits, the time it takes to do the training or the number of repetitions to do throughout the circuit.
  3. Focus on learning movement well, especially the basics. Stop worrying about weight and time. In the beginning just worry about the movement, the goal of doing well the movement is not to have future injuries or catch bad vices in terms of the execution of the exercise. To learn the movement well, you can learn the technique in centers where they do Crossfit, with specialized instructors or with tutorials that appear on
  4. Be ambitious and make the circuits whenever you are motivated and want to run them, this is how you improve. Try to change the number of repetitions, series or time as the days go by. In this way you will set new challenges and improve faster. Seeing that improvements over time will continue to motivate and engage you in exercise.


# To constantly change #

10 crossfit routines (wods)

It is essential to change the training to be done by the fact that in this way the body is not accustomed to some basic movements.

Our body is not used to do only the movement of chest, arm or shoulder, it is used to do a combination of multiple. In order for our bodies to be muscularly balanced from the neck to the feet we have to start mixing exercises such as running, pushing and pulling. To incorporate intensity into routines you could incorporate weight into your routines.

Functional movements

They are the movements that you usually make in Crossfit, the positive thing about these movements is that they are used in real life. Examples might include lifting, squatting, running, pulling, pushing, and jumping.

Both the beginner trainings for advanced people Crossfit is replete with functional movements. In other words, no matter what level you have since the routine will be exactly the same, what will change will be the intensity of the training.

High intensity

10 crossfit routines (wods)

What is high intensity for some has no reason to be what it is for others. In Crossfit you can see people of each and every age range from grandparents, adults or teenagers doing the trainings. But this plurality of people in Crossfit is not strange inasmuch as in each training they can change the intensity.

As we have previously mentioned, the way to disrupt the intensity would be by putting more weight, more repetitions in a training or by limiting the minutes to do the training.





10 crossfit routines (wods)

Vertical deflection supported on the wall.


CINDY 5 Dominadas10 Flexiones15 Squats The maximum of possible rounds in twenty minutes. After making a series move on to the next exercise.
BARBARA 20 Dominadas30 Flexiones40 flexiones50 squats Do a series of the first exercise and move on to the next exercise when you finish each and every one of the exercises and start the next series.
CHELSEA 5 Dominadas10 Flexiones15 squats Execute over thirty minutes altogether. Exercise every minute.
NANCY 400 meters running All possible dominations For the dominated ones you have a time of twenty minutes(Make the maximum possible)
ANNIE Jump to the Abdominal Battle A full round is when you have jumped to the rope and the abdominals have been done. descend on each and every series the number of repetitions; fifty-forty-thirty-twenty-10
LYNEE Press de bancaDominadas Maximum number of reiterations in five rounds. you have two minutes per round, 1 minute for bench press and another minute for dominated.
MARY 5 Vertical Flexions (Feet Supported by Wall) 10 Squats with one foot15 dominated The maximum number of rounds possible in twenty minutes
ANGIE 100 Dominated100 Push-ups100 Abdominals100 Sit-ups To take as little time as possible
DEATH by Dominadas 1 Push up in the first minute2 Push up in the second minute3 Push up in the third minute In the first minute make a reiteration and rest what is left over from the minute, in the second minute make 2 repetitions the rest of the minute rest. there will come an instant that you will not have the strength to make more repetitions, and in addition to this as the minutes pass and the repetitions increase you will have fewer minutes to rest and the minute is over, in that instant you will have finished the circuit.
G.I JANE 100 Burpees with dominated (flexion, squat and dominated) In the shortest possible time

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