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Since Crossfit's arrival on the sports planet, its development has been accelerating and strengthening. Thousands and thousands of gyms around the world, competitions, and of course, countless beliefs in this regard. The truth is that, although the whole planet is talking about it, there is a lot of misinformation and misapplied concepts.

These misconceptions are eminently attainable and disillusioning to those who have never had a full Crossift training. In this way it becomes a kind of fitness cult and is only practiced in specific gyms and by a community already linked to the activity. This affects the image of the Crossfit and leads to new misconceptions about it.

It is essential to be able to break down these myths and explain the training more clearly so that you can be aware of the effects of your exercises and how they impact your body, both positively and negatively.

These are the ten most common misconceptions about the Crossfit:

1. No further training is required when performing Crossfit

While the benefits of Crossfit are extensive and encompass multiple activities and practices, this does not mean that no further training is required to achieve a specific goal. The training must always and at all times coincide with the athlete's specific purpose. As an example for running a marathon, the Crossfit can help you to increase your speed or your overall strength, but you will not be able to reach the resistance you are looking for on such a long distance. This can also be observed in activities such as triathlons, basketball or even football. The Crossfit can be accompanied by and complemented by other trainings.

2. The whole planet gets seriously injured

Crossfit injuries occur and can be sporadically severe. In every way, it is far from being the most dangerous exercise routine. The danger is no greater than that of different weightlifters or competitive contact sports. The injuries do not come from the Crossfit itself but rather from excessive practice, incorrect movements or inexperienced trainers. They are also likely to occur in the face of excessive demand from athletes, by ignoring fatigue and continuing to sacrifice themselves. Personal responsibility is essential.

3. It's the same as the competitions

There are important differences in the ways you practice Crossfit. Since the Super Bowl is not related to throwing a ball with friends and outdoors, the movements used in gyms are not as difficult or technical as those of Crossfit's players. Some exercises are changed and others are directly different in every sense and intensity.

4. It's a new training.

Many trainers were performing Crossfit without even knowing it. Many exercises and high intensity training combined with weight and traditional cardiovascular exercises were related to what is now known as Crossfit. This practice merged disjointed exercises and very often strengthened their results.

5. It's just for crazy people.

It is generally thought to be a practice only for athletes or people who are fit and have a certain obsession with strength and weights. Although it is possible to find certain people with this profile, the whole planet can train Crossfit. Training can and should be tailored to the conditions of the individual athlete and be conducted at the individual, body and skill levels.

6. It is possible to start at any level

Although the whole planet can practice Crossfit, it is not convenient to start from the first class with too intense training. The greater the base the athlete has, the better the results will be and the more the risk of injury will be reduced. It is ideal to start with a preparatory class, to learn the basic concepts and also to incorporate exercises with time. Certain classes or guided training sessions with anatomical weight are used to help you understand and apply the essential movements. For example:"On-ramp" or"Elements".

7. It's exactly the same in each and every part.

Crossfit is not a chain but rather a brand. Each gym pays an annual membership fee to become a member and use the name but has autonomy and also independence to operate and also intervene in training. Thus the programming of each of them is individual and can be categorically different from that carried out by another gym. It is convenient to try and try different places to find the most convenient routine for each one of them.

8. Any trainer can assist us to improve

Just as gyms and their schedules change widely, so do the skills of each instructor. Each one of them has certifications and exams that offer them knowledge about the principles and movements of Crossfit. To ensure that you are training with a professional it is essential to look ahead to classes, ask for certifications and prioritize those instructors who have knowledge of human anatomy, previous experience and multiple certifications even in other specialty areas.

9. It is competitive

While there are competitions, in the gym the competition is with oneself. Indeed, one of the primary peculiarities of this training is its communitarian character, of union and mutual support. It is very common for people in the groups to support each other and to be moved when they see the development of the rest of the participants.

10. It's an ideal training for everyone.

Some people prefer running, others swim, others prefer the Crossfit. The only way to find out which is the ideal activity for each of them is to try and try. Even in the Crosffit there are countless variables and small internal training blocks that allow each athlete or athlete to search for the most enjoyable training genre. The most essential thing is to be able to know your personal limits and desires and to pursue them with new blocks of exercises.

The Crossfit is a training that is crossed by many beliefs and prejudices. The dangers of their practice depend solely on the responsibility with which the athlete faces the training and how progressive it is for their development. The most essential thing is to stay well informed, to ask professionals whenever necessary and to carry out the exercises bearing in mind personal skills and knowledge of the techniques and movements to be performed.

Training both for Crossfit and for any other sport must be enjoyable and healthy, so information and prevention are essential when it comes to training.

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