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10 useful tips to start kitesurfing

10 useful tips to start kitesurfing
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Kitesurfing is a water sport consisting of sliding on the water using a board or skis, using a kite that acts as a motor of movement. This sport is a modality of kiteboarding that combines aspects of snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing and skateboarding, transforming it into an extreme water sport. In recent times it has become a trend among water sports lovers because of its connection between the wind and the waves.

If you are a beginner in kitesurfing, you should be aware that it can be very complicated at first, but after several lessons you will find it very exciting and rewarding. Discover now some recommendations to get started in kitesurfing and enjoy one of the most fun water sports:

Basic recommendations for beginners in kitesurfing

Do you want to start kitesurfing? Now we’re going to give you ten really useful tips to get you started on the planet of kitesurfing so that you can enjoy this entertaining sport:

1. Be patient

Remember that the most normal thing is that at the beginning you don’t achieve your goals, but it’s all about keeping trying. You can’t get overwhelmed by this, since kitesurfing is not something you can expect to do well at the first sign of change. This sport involves practice, perseverance and patience.

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2. Learn to listen

As with anything new you are learning, the key is to listen carefully to the instructor, otherwise you could put yourself at risk. Remember to take lessons from a qualified, experienced and knowledgeable kitesurfing instructor.

3. Don’t practice kitesurfing alone

Even if you hesitate between training alone or in company, you should know that even the best kitesurfers are able to dominate the waves next to a partner or group of friends. You will always and at all times need someone to throw and pick up your kite. If there is a strong gust of wind and you have no one to hold on to, you could end up paragliding.

4. Practice, practice and practice

Many people wonder if it is difficult enough to learn kitesurfing. Since well, you must know that practice makes perfect. While no kitesurfer is perfect, there are always new things to learn, and it is true that this sport is based on practice and perseverance. Don’t be discouraged if it didn’t work out the first time, or even the twentieth time, just keep practicing because you’ll get it in the end.

5. Practice recreational flying

Knowing how to master a kite with your feet on the ground is essential to start kitesurfing. If you learn how to monitor a kite on land, it will be simpler and also instinctive when you are on the waves of the sea.

6. Wears the right equipment

An athlete must be as good as the equipment he or she wears, not only for performance but also for safety reasons. Always and at all times there are new facilities for this sport, while it is partially new. To get started in kitesurfing, we recommend you to buy new equipment that your pocket can afford.

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7. Pay attention to sea and wind conditions

Just because there’s wind doesn’t mean you have to kitesurf. If in doubt, don’t do it. You can also consult a lifeguard or ask your instructor.

8. Learn the signs of kitesurfing

This applies to each and every water sport. Signs in the water are essential for all of us to hold on safely and happily. Learn the universal signs with your hands and the rules of kitesurfing. This is one thing you should learn in your kitesurfing lessons. Knowing how to communicate with our partners at sea is essential.

9. Feel comfortable and safe

Trust your equipment and your ability to learn to kitesurf. Don’t think that everything you do is going to end up with you underwater or pulling the kite at the wrong time.

10. Have fun. Have fun.

This is better advice from each and every one of us who have given you. Have fun, don’t worry if things haven’t worked out perfectly and it’s hard for you to learn how to kitesurf, we want you to laugh every time you fall! Determination is the key.

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