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Besides the little ones and the drunks we can include a third set that always and at all times affirms the truth. Your jeans. Although sometimes it hurts a lot, cowboys always and under all circumstances affirm the truth. I'm sure you've experienced that horrible drama when, after a week of debauchery, the skinny pants you love so much don't want to dance with you. If you get to that point, there's only one alternative left for you, to recognize it. The second step is now more complicated: finding a diet that helps you get your favorite jeans back. Since well, feelforfit brings you the definitive guide in which, apart from eating healthy, it gives you other essential tips for losing weight.

1. Focus on losing calories day after day.

Losing weight is so easy how to create a calorie deficit. If you have set a goal of losing half a kilogram a week, you just have to do the math to make it happen. Half a kilogram equals two,000 calories which, if divided by seven days a week, means losing about two hundred and eighty-five calories a day. Accessible, right? Accessible. Plan a daily routine in which you combine exercise and cutting out superfluous calories to lose two hundred and eighty-five, and you'll get rid of half a kilogram a week. If you like challenges, you can set a higher goal for yourself whenever you consult your dietitian.

2. Get a notebook

Basic. It's practically mandatory to have a control to know how you're progressing. I'm not telling you to try on Texans every day, but use the scale once or twice a week to see how you're doing. If you leave me a piece of advice, take note of what you are eating and of your progress as it will help you to be super motivated. This way, if one day you decide to break the rule a little, you will have to write it down in the notebook as well. You'll see how you'll think about it a couple of times before you give yourself a chocolate treat.

3. Exactly the same spoon for everything

We all know how hard it is to stay honest when you're hungry. If you serve the food"by eye" you will have more comfort to put on more than you need when you feel especially gluttonous. Therefore, I invite you to use"universal" measures available to you to quantify how much food you put in. At this point, spoons and cups can be great allies.

4. Eat five times a day

The good if brief, a couple of times good. Since well, in such a case if you have short meals, it can be up to 5 times good. Schedule your meals every two or three hours, so you'll reduce anxiety and appetite. The best: 2 snacks and 3 meals. It's also a good idea to stick to a schedule where you don't skip a meal. While you may think it can help you lose weight, skipping lunches slows your metabolism and causes weight gain.

8:30 am: breakfast

11:30 am: snack

14 pm: lunch

17:30 pm: snack

20:30 pm: dinner

5. What to eat?

When you eat, be sure to include protein to satisfy your hunger, fiber to fill you up, and healthy carbohydrates to restore energy. The main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) can be between three hundred and five hundred calories a day and the two snacks of one hundred and fifty each. You can play around with which lunch to put more calories in. In my view, it is best to put as many calories as possible into the food because it is right in the middle of the day. A super warrior strategy.

6. Save calories

Find simple ways to cut calories. For example, exchange your daily soda for water, put a slice of cheese instead of 2, buy skim milk.... There are hundreds and hundreds of tricks! You just have to put your imagination into it.

7. Plan in advance

Believe it or not, as long as you talk to your appetite, you'll lose out. Instead of getting tense every time you walk past the pantry, have the audacity to plan your menu beforehand. You can set aside time every Sunday to plan the week's diets. Haven't you bought your notebook yet?

8. Get going

If your goal is to lose weight, dieting is only part of it. The other half is exercise. And no, just in case you were thinking, walking to work isn't enough. The best thing to do is to do cardio activities (cycling or running, for example) for an hour at least 5 times a week. You can alternate your outdoor activities with airobics classes in your gym.

9. Celebrate every day

Set goals that are accessible day by day and, if you can achieve them, don't hesitate to celebrate them in style. But let's make sure your prizes are healthy.

10. Mentalise yourself

Keep in mind that regime regimes are not the answer. What you must achieve is to have a healthy diet every day of the year that you can afford to indulge in on a whim. You should also beware of so-called miracle diets that ensure you lose weight easily and quickly. I'm sure it's not healthy.

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