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Preventing or eliminating the accumulation of abdominal fat is recommended not only aesthetically but also to protect your health.

The fat is deposited in the belly in 2 ways. On the one hand, the one that is in the tissue under the skin (subcutaneous) and that only alters the body's way. On the other hand, the fat that is inside the abdomen, distributed around the organs. The latter can be really harmful to the body, causing heart problems, insulin resistance or cholesterol.

This is why properly burning belly fat is essential to sustaining a healthy life. In some cases, diet and training are not enough to remove fat from the abdomen. The culprits could be hormones, genetics, age or certain simple mistakes to correct.

You should know that you CANNOT burn fat specifically from the belly. There are no concrete exercises or products that achieve such results. The abdomen area can be worked on approximately incisively to strengthen and take shape. This is why"removing fat" as such is a misnomer and a misnomer, since many people kill themselves at doing sit-ups every day and claim that they"don't lose their tummies".

These are eleven possible reasons why the fat in your belly is not burned:

1. Aging

Over the years, your body changes the way you gain and lose weight. Both men and women experience a decrease in the number of calories that the body needs to march generally. Other than that, women must deal with menopause. This change in hormones causes women to pile up the weight gain in their bellies. The good news: you can fight this process.

2. Wrong training

While cardiovascular exercise is precise and great for the heart, just in case, alone, it won't make your belly too tight. It is essential to combine exercises in such a way that they are productive for the proposed objectives. It is advisable to alternate intensity and weight routines with cardiovascular and lower-intensity exercises.

3. Excess processed foodstuffs

The fat we accumulate in the body is related to inflammation. The processed foodstuffs are responsible for generating it. Cutting back on bread, cookies, chips, chips, desserts and sugary drinks will help avoid inflammation. On the contrary, natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains have anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent abdominal fat.

4. Consumption of bad fats

Different types of fat do not affect the body in the same way. In general, oversaturated fats tend to increase visceral fat. But there are other fats that have anti-inflammatory effects and are less harmful. The monounsaturated ones, present in olive oil and avocado, and the polyunsaturated ones, found in nuts, sunflower seeds and fish such as salmon.

5. Insufficient intensity of training

The ultimate goal of training is to burn calories, and intense training takes care of that best. To burn the fat in your abdomen, you need to do exercises that are a real challenge to your body, so that you can burn more fat in less time.

6. Wrong exercises

Doing sit-ups alone is not the answer. It is advisable to carry out financial years that use the abdominal muscles, the back, the pelvis, the obliques and other parts of the body. These exercises put more muscles to work, burning more calories while they are being done.

7. Stress

Whatever the reason, stress can be a major factor in preventing weight loss. Aside from the enormous amount of calories consumed due to the stress, your cortisol hormone can increase the amount of fat that clings to the body, expanding the fat cells.

8. Not getting enough sleep

Just as being overwhelmed can cause more fat to accumulate in the belly, so can sleeping hours. Sleep is advised for 7 to 8 hours per night, while less sleep increases your chances of gaining more weight.

9. Genetic predisposition

The distribution of fat also depends on the body of each of them. In those organisms where the accumulation of fat is done to a greater extent near the waist and hip, its suppression is going to be somewhat more difficult, although it is not impossible.

10. Illness

The complexity of weights to lose weight can be related to some pathology or malfunction. The most frequent cases are high testosterone levels (for example in polycystic ovary syndrome), obesity, pre-diabetes or diabetes.

11. Desmotivation

The reduction of belly fat requires a specific, low-calorie diet and intensive cardiovascular and weight training. By working in a committed way it is possible to overcome genetics and achieve the purpose.

Identifying these possible mistakes allows you to avoid making them and put the focus on the goal. In many cases, only the central abdominals are worked on, forgetting the obliques or the low ones. This is precisely why, apart from the specific diet and proper training, it is essential not to forget to work your whole body and get enough rest so that your body can respond properly.

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