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12 exercises to do with rowing machine

12 exercises to do with rowing machine
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12 exercises to do with rowing machine

Exercising with a rowing machine is a great way of exercising both the upper and lower body, toning muscles, losing calories and… until you recover from injuries due to the minor impact it has on the joints, provided that the movements are done in a convenient way.

With both aerobic and anaerobic work, rowing becomes an interesting alternative to exercise in an integral way, both for men and women.

If you want to start rowing and get the most out of your training, today at feelforfit we have 12 rowing machine exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals.

1. Back Exercise

With convenient posture, and straight back, carry the handle face your chest. This way you’ll work your biceps and back. Breathing is important, and for this reason, when taking impulse, breathe in and when bringing the pulley to your chest, breathe out.

2. Seated Elevations

As the figure indicates, raise your arms and make the rowing movement, but with your arms raised, so you will work the deltoids and trapeze.

3. Sitting with internal grip

This exercise is ideal for working the triceps, for this, hold the handle underneath, so that the inner face of your forearms faces the ceiling.

12 exercises to do with rowing machine

4. Seated back extension

To work the triceps, you can sit with your back to the coil and your arms outstretched, as shown in the figure.

5. Lying down with traction face chest

As if it were a press banking exercise, take the remote face to your chest. Remember to hold control always and in all circumstances and it is preferable to make the movement well rather than make it fast.

6. Lying down with flexion

Similar to the previous exercise, but deploying the pulley to work the triceps.

7. Recostado/a del revés

As shown in the illustration, carry the pulley face the chest with your head on the saddle.

8. Abdominals

You can take advantage of the structure of the machine to do crunches.

9. Knee Traction

You can work the biceps and trapezius on the left and right side separately. To do this, put the knee on the side you want to work on the platform to flex and carefully extend the paddle.

12 exercises to do with rowing machine

10. Crossed knees

To work the chest, stand on one side of the platform and also swap sides with reiterations of up to twenty-thirty extensions.

11. Crossed knees and with elevation

As the illustration shows, stand on one side of the machine and support the opposite arm you want to work on the quadriceps to lift the handle with the other. You’re gonna work the deltoids and trapeze.

12. Foot squat

To work the lower body, like the abdominals, you can stand up and do a squat with the handle control in flexion and extension.

These are the 12 exercises with rowing machine ideal for anyone who wants to start on the planet of rowing machines and even for those athletes who practice this sport and want to perfect their technique. Take advantage of this discipline, one of the most complete as a result of the large number of muscles that are exercised during training.

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