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25 things you should know about cellulite

25 things you should know about cellulite
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Dimples are something even admirable in babies and small children, but the moment we locate orange peel on our body, it’s not so pretty … Or are we confused?! Since for this reason, we tell you in this article certain things you need to know about the origin and causes of the appearance of this kind of fat famous as cellulite, and what really goes if you look for how to reduce it.

25 things you should know about cellulite

1- It is much more common in women than in men, due to the way our fat, muscle and connective tissue are distributed. Eighty-ninety percent of women, more or less, have cellulite, including models, acquaintances and celebrities such as Scarlet Johansson, Eva Longoria, Cameron Diaz, Hilary Swank and many others.

2- For what reason does it look like lumps or dimples? When fat cells push face up against our skin and the fibrous tissue that connects our skin to the muscles pulls face down, a series of irregularities occur that generate that uneven and unstable appearance in the skin.

3- The most common is formed in the area around the thighs and buttocks, but can also be found in the breasts, under the belly or in the arms.

4- Cellulite changes depending on how severe it is. It can range from slight skin irregularities, to an extreme orange peel, full of dimples and roughness. Some women only see it when they squeeze their skin or when they sit down, while others are seen with the naked eye without wanting to move.

5- It’s a myth that thin people don’t have cellulite.

6- People with thin skin may have more visible cellulite.

7- The hormonal changes that are generated when you are a mother can also develop cellulite.

8- It seems that one of the toxins of cellulite is caffeine. Dehydration caused by excess caffeine can also make cellulite more noticeable.

9- Taking a bath and relaxing is good. Burdens can also be a factor of danger.

25 things you should know about cellulite

10- Studies show that applying retinol cream to the damaged area helps to reduce cellulite, as it has a thickening effect on the skin. It is also true that there are other studies that refute it.

11- Running is considerably more effective in reducing cellulite than applying a daily anti-cellulite cream. That’s because the best way to warn her-reduce her is by reducing the total anatomical fat.

12- Diets – or they may increase the risk of cellulite appearance. So, better: work hard to maintain a healthy weight!

13- While squats and strides or lunges do not reduce cellulite, they do strengthen the buttocks and legs, revealing muscle mass once body fat has been reduced with cardiovascular exercise. In other words, by combining strength exercise, cardio, good nutrition and lots of water, it is possible to reduce it.

14- Eat vegetables as your mother told you, and you will see how those dimples leave. Although not all cellulite will be fed, it helps to maintain a healthy weight and have normal body fat levels, which affects a smaller amount of cellulite.

15- To hold the bottle of water always fills in the same way helps. Holding hydrated improves skin texture, and causes the body to release excess fluid that can lead to the appearance of cellulite.

16- If you are worried about orange peel skin, go to bed a little earlier. Sleeping well and enough hours improves the quality of life, and also helps combat cellulite.

17- Put out that cigarette! Studies show that smokers tend to have higher concentrations of cellulite in their bodies, so scholars think there is a connection between tobacco and cellulite.

18- There is no scientific evidence to prove that the spa or sauna assist in reducing cellulite.

25 things you should know about cellulite

19- Combining laser treatments, massages, radio-frequency and suction treatments, can assist in reducing the appearance of cellulite. But these remedies are only temporary.

20 – Quite a few people use liposuction to reduce anatomical fat, but if it’s not for health reasons, it’s better to save that money. Liposculpture does not completely suppress orange peel skin and can even make it look worse.

21- Do not drink coffee, but try to have a massage with it. A homemade antidote (not scientifically proven) to reduce the appearance of cellulite is to rub coffee grounds in the area. Since caffeine increases circulation, it is thought that having blood flow through the area will suppress toxins and excess water from the area to reduce the appearance of dimples.

It is a myth that the tanning process can hide cellulite. The texture of the skin is even more visible when it is tanned and when the color fades to a more golden tone, cellulite can take on an even worse appearance, while UVA rays damage the skin, making it thinner and less smooth. For that reason, wearing protective clothing alone can prevent cellulite from getting worse.

23- Age is a factor that also comes into play. The older you get, the more evident cellulite becomes, since the skin loses its elasticity with age.

And as in many other things, genetics also intervenes.

While there is no way to suppress cellulite completely, the best way to carry it is by admitting it, embracing it, and following these advices in order to try to reduce it little by little.

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