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4 frequent errors on the way back to the gym after a break

4 frequent errors on the way back to the gym after a break
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September is approaching and while the holidays are precise and make us feel good, many of us need a return to routine in order for their stability to be evident. The thing is, going back to the gym is one of those things we miss the most when we’re on vacation. Something that makes us feel good and well, that improves our concentration, our mood and our state of mind especially when looking at the speculum. And it’s just, nothing like going to the gym to get the stability we need. In each and every sense.

4 frequent errors on the way back to the gym after a break

The thing is, very often we don’t take into consideration that it’s been a while since we’ve been to the gym. It is possible that we have had an injury, that we didn’t have time or, as we have already said, that the holidays have broken our routine. Whatever it is, there are certain things you’re going to have to take into consideration and some mistakes you’re going to have to avoid on your way back to the gym. To assist you, today we will list the most common, so that you can find a way to raffle them.

What mistakes shouldn’t you make when you return to the gym?

Whether you’ve decided to return to the gym after your holiday or want to train at the gym after an injury, we want you to know a number of mistakes you shouldn’t make when you return to the gym. Aim!

1. Continue your usual training

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the gym, don’t think you won’t appreciate it when you get back. No matter how long it has taken you to return, you should know that the lack of training will be appreciated in your body and also in your psyche. Don’t want to recover too quickly the time without training, and that is, who runs a lot soon stop.

4 frequent errors on the way back to the gym after a break

Start carefully, slowly and without making big sacrifices if you want to go back to the gym after a break. Little by little you will be able to get in shape and recover the energies you had before. So it’s much better to take it easy, since practicing an over-exercise can make your training stop again.

2. Lamenting having lost form

A month, 3 months, a year… it doesn’t matter if it’s due to vagrancy or lack of means. The essential thing is that you’ve come back, and from this moment you’re going to give everything to feel good about yourself. Don’t torture yourself for having been a lazybones and put your batteries in, since feeling guilty is only going to make your training worse and your motivation fall apart. So stop worrying about the past and start again calmly and simply. Enjoy your exercise and reward yourself for your dedication.

We have to understand that meditating on what we have done wrong continuously will do nothing but waste our time. That’s why it’s best to start putting the protests aside and take action.

3. Don’t do too much work

As bad as to train too much or about our possibilities is to do it below them. You should not take out and also liver through the mouth in your classes, but do not fool yourself and walk around the gym just to have no remorse of conscience. This may work for you at first, but over time you will lose the same motivation and stop going to the gym and achieving its effects.

4 frequent errors on the way back to the gym after a break

4. Not eating enough

Another big and usual failure arises in the area of nutrition. The point is, it’s quite common to go to the gym to lose weight, and while it’s a great idea, we must also keep in mind that nutrition plays a major factor in this regard.

Just as eating supersaturated fats and junk food won’t help your weight loss plan even if you go to the gym, not eating enough can play a trick on you if you combine it with daily exercise. That is, to practice sport you must have energy, and if we do not earn it by eating, we will not be able to be at the maximum in our training.

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