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4 ideal interval training routines for burning fat

4 ideal interval training routines for burning fat
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4 ideal interval training routines for burning fat

With interval training, you achieve 2 main objectives: increase strength and burn more grease in less time. In order to do this, you must be in good general physical shape, as it involves sections of intense exercise. If you’re determined, choose one of these interval routines to eliminate excess fat.

High intensity intervals, known as HIITs, involve putting your body to work to the limit in a short period of time. In an interval workout that assists in burning fat, you must achieve maximum power and / or speed for a few seconds and then rest or continue the exercise at a slower pace.

Remember that when you exercise, your body gets the energy it needs, first of all, free carbohydrates (glucose) and only when they are deficient, pull the fat. With the intervals, you get those fat reserves are put before moving and in addition to this your body continues to resort to them after the exercise. For these 2 reasons, interval training is ideal for burning more grease.

Choose your routine at intervals and get rid of fats

Whatever sport you practice, you can include high intensity intervals in your training. Running, cycling, swimming, strength work with weight? Look at these four possible interval training routines for scorching grease and adapt them to your needs.

4 ideal interval training routines for burning fat

1. Tabata routine, with your anatomical weight or with a bicycle

A tabata routine is based on the performance of high intensity exercises following an established protocol consisting of: twenty seconds of interval (maximum care) + ten seconds of rest + twenty seconds of a new interval with a new exercise or repeating exactly the same.

This routine with grease burning intervals is going to take just four minutes, but its efficiency is proven. If you want to train with your weight (calisthenics), certain exercises to include in your routine are: push-ups, kneeling to the chest, squats, burpees?

If you prefer to train with the stationary bike, the routine consists of pedalling at maximum speed for twenty seconds and resting, or going at a slower pace for ten seconds. Do it the same way for four minutes.

2. Fartlek runner routine

Running is one of the most energy-intensive aerobic activities. Adding intervals to your training will increase the burning of calories and, consequently, fat. It’s what’s known as Fartlek training and you can mold it to any distance and level of care. As an example you can:

4 ideal interval training routines for burning fat

  • Start the race by jogging six ? eight minutes
  • Raise the pace three ? six minutes
  • Enter the interval running at maximum speed twenty seconds
  • Rest walking 1 minute
  • Repeat the interval (another twenty seconds or, if you can, thirty)
  • Rest 1 minute walking
  • Finish with a few minutes of trot

3. Interval swimming routine

If swimming is your thing and you want to lose weight, try this training at intervals and you will burn fat quickly, performing, in addition to this a complete exercise and low impact.

After a few warm-up strokes for swimming (at least eight long strokes) do two as fast as you can. Rest a minute. Swim again at a gentle pace three lengths, but changing style (crawl, butterfly, breaststroke, back). Again, raise the pace to the limit of your possibilities another two lengths. Repeat with each and every one of the swimming styles, respecting the 1-minute breaks or 1.5 minutes (depending on the distance you travel).

4. HIIT routine to strengthen muscles

Interval training to burn grease can also include working with weights, but always and at all times using a low or moderate weight. It is a question of carrying out the different exercises to burn fat in the legs with speed, doing as many repetitions as possible in the shortest possible time and resting between exercises 1 or two minutes. Each of the series must not exceed the minute of execution.

Among the possible exercises: press bench, biceps curl, leg extensions, dumbbell stride? Choose the interval training routine that best suits your sport and remember that warming up properly before training in this way is essential to avoid any injury or danger to your health.

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