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4 myths about cardio that you should know

4 myths about cardio that you should know
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4 myths about cardio that you should know

Surely on more than one occasion you have heard prayers like that the cardio is the only thing you should do if you want to lose weight or that at least you must be forty-five minutes in order for the exercise to be noticeable. And there are countless myths about the cardio that are not true and that we must replace as soon as possible better!

When we talk about cardio exercises we mean each and every one of those activities that aim to speed up our pulsations and make the heart pump blood faster. This increases energy consumption and, therefore, our body burns more calories.

It is an essential exercise to be in shape, lose weight and enjoy good health, however, it is essential that we remove 4 myths of the cardio so that, in this way, you know precisely how to do your exercise.

The Cardio Myths You Must Stop Believing

As in each and every aspect of life, in sport and exercise there are also false opinions that can cause us to be very clueless. If you want to practice sport in a way that is healthy and beneficial for you, then you must read on to discover four myths about cardio that you must stop believing right now.

Myth 1: Cardio is the best way to lose fat

If you want to reduce your body’s fat reserve, the first thing you should do is change your eating habits. It won’t do you any good to crush yourself doing cardiovascular exercises if, afterwards, you have a pizza for dinner or eat a plate of macaroni bolognese.

4 myths about cardio that you should know

In order to lose fat we must balance the calories in the day we eat and try to take less so that, in this way, our body must attend the energy reserves and use the fat as if it were a source of stored energy.

If you add cardio sports to this healthy eating habit, you will be able to lose weight more quickly because, apart from your hypocaloric diet, you will also be burning more calories a day with exercise.

Myth 2: To lose weight, I just need to do cardio

Another of the myths about cardiovascular exercise is that enough people think that, if they want to lose weight, they should just crush themselves by doing cardio and only. This is also a false belief that we must refute right now because anyone who wants to lose weight, will have to combine cardiovascular exercises with strength and toning exercises that will elude the flaccidity of the skin and muscles.

The essential thing is to create a training routine that is balanced and where cardio and toning are present. To strengthen you should not take too much weight, simply do fifteen or twenty repetitions in three or four series and you are going to attack the localized fat that is stored in the arms, pouches, abdomen, etc…

Myth 3: To do cardio, I must be forty-five minutes in a row.

There are also people who think it is better not to do cardio if, when you do it, you will do twenty or thirty minutes. In truth, in the gym you can locate people doing these exercises for more than 1 hour, which is one of the most frequent cardio workout failures, while it is too much, especially in people who are not accustomed to sport.

4 myths about cardio that you should know

The only thing you need to know is that, per week, it is best to devote one hundred and fifty minutes of medium intensity cardio, that is, a little more than two hours (excluding heating and cooling). With this dedication, you will be able to see results in your body.

Myth 4: First do cardio and then weights

Another of the myths of the cardio is to think that a good training is the one that begins with cardiovascular exercise and ends with toning. However, we must bear in mind that if we do the high-intensity cardio at the beginning of the session, what we do is use the energy that is in the muscles and, therefore, when we try to do the bodybuilding we are going to be exhausted.

For this reason, it is advisable to start with five or ten minutes of moderate warm-up and then start with the bodybuilding session and, finally, do the intense cardio. This is the best formula to perform at the limit in the gym and burn as many calories as possible.

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