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You know that running is one of the aerobic activities with which you can lose the most kilograms, but there are a series of aspects related to the way you train, nutrition or rest periods, which you should know if your objective is to lose weight with running.

What you need to know to lose weight by running

Running is a complete exercise, ideal for achieving great physical fitness at the same time that you increase strength and endurance. By running you burn an essential amount of calories, four hundred? five hundred in one hour, always and at all times depending on your weight and the intensity of your training. In addition to this, especially if you're a long runner, you'll also see how localized fats are reduced whenever you train the right way.

There are different theories about how to train to lose weight by running and it should be remembered that any training must be adapted and take into consideration individual goals, but if yours is to lose weight by running, pay attention to the advice we give you now.

1. A minimum time

Running, even if it's fifteen minutes every morning, is a healthy practice that will be excellent to keep you in shape and make you feel more diligent and strong, but if you're starting out in running and you're running at a steady, smooth pace (as it should be), keep in mind that you'll only start to see results when you've managed to stay in the race for at least thirty or forty minutes. Even if you sweat from the first minute, you're going to be suppressing primarily water and mineral salts, getting rid of the pounds costs a little more. Be ceaseless and don't be discouraged by the fact that you will ultimately lose weight in a hurry.

2. Stagnation

If you train frequently and notice that you no longer lose weight while running, you may be in a phase of stagnation. Our body is a perfect mechanism that quickly adapts to the care that must be taken in any circumstance. If you always and at all times take exactly the same route, over the same time and at a similar pace, you will initially spend a lot more calories, little by little, your body will become more efficient and will spend less.

To avoid this, try to change your running routine. Change your workouts by combining runnning with other activities, including high intensity intervals and slope training, or by doing a once a week fartleks workout that includes essential rhythm changes.

3. Go get the grease

Even if your goal is to lose weight in a run, don't obsess over the scale. It is very normal that during the first few weeks you will not see any reflection of losing weight (you may even weigh more). When running, you work the muscles of your upper and lower extremities and you should remember that the muscle also weighs.

Don't think you're not losing weight while you're running, have a little patience, because you're going to be able to suppress fat as your speed and endurance in the race increase. The goal of losing weight with running will come sooner than you expect. Remember that finishing your training with a final sprint will make your body continue to burn calories and fat over the next few hours of restoration.

4. What you eat matters

To lose weight on the run, you should continue a convenient diet to help you achieve it. You don't have to set up restrictive menus, just rely on a variety of nutrition to let you take just what you need to get the most out of your efforts. Putting the different foods together properly can help you lose weight by running faster and always and always in a healthy way. To give us an example, for a long race, you will have to have enough energy to resist and finish the course.

Compound carbohydrates (pasta, rice, cereals?) a few hours before will be your best allies. If you are going to run with changes of pace or train at intervals, an extra help in the form of simple carbohydrates (fruits) are a great option and when you finish training, remember that you will also need protein so that your muscles can be restored to the care taken. Control the amounts so that you eat fewer calories from spending, cover your shoes and start slimming down by running.

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