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4 tips for strengthening wrists and preventing injuries

4 tips for strengthening wrists and preventing injuries
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If you play sports normally, you have probably suffered from wrist pain. It is an injury that is really frequent and can range from mild to severe, depending on the type of pain we suffer. It is essential not to avoid this kind of pain and to solve them as soon as possible, but it will also be essential to prevent them, with exercises to avoid wrist injuries. Continue reading!

4 tips for strengthening wrists and preventing injuries

Recommendations to gain strength in the wrists

When we go to the gym, we often work on countless parts of our bodies and forget about others. This is the case with dolls, which, in a certain sense, are like that forgotten part of our organism that we don’t pay attention to until the moment they complain. Therefore, it is good to take them into consideration so as not to suffer injuries.

The fact is, many athletes lose the ability to continue practicing the sport they want by avoiding a wrist injury. But also other people who do not do any sport can feel these pains. If we think about it, it is not strange, since nowadays, the use of computers or mobile phones has triggered the injury of the carpal tunnel.

For all these reasons, today we give you some advice so that you can strengthen your wrists and avoid these uncomfortable injuries, which in many cases may require surgery. Because prevention is better than healing, we recommend that you take note of upcoming exercises to gain strength in your wrists:

1. Anti-stress ball

I’m sure you’ve seen them sometime or you still have some. These are small balls that are used to squeeze and thus release the accumulated burden. Because well, apart from assisting us with our emotions, these balls also assist us in strengthening our wrists.

4 tips for strengthening wrists and preventing injuries

It is an exercise to strengthen the arms at home and a very simple practice that we can do in any situation, and even while we do other things, such as chatting on the phone or watching the TV. If you prefer, there are scissor-shaped objects that do exactly the same thing as the anti-stress ball.

2. A bit of rice

This is a curious exercise but very efficient, so we’ll tell you right away exactly what it is. To make it you just need a container full of raw rice and get to work. When you have it ready, put your hand inside it, if you can fit the 2, you can put both hands in unison, if not, first one and then another.

The secret is to make movements in a circle and open and close the hands, so that we work the pressure of the fingers. You can also move your fingers in multiple directions, and so on. Doing this exercise will help your wrists get stronger.

4 tips for strengthening wrists and preventing injuries

3. Change your habits

This is no exercise, but it is an essential task that we must all take into consideration if we want to prevent wrist injuries. It consists of being aware of how we do things and also trying to change it. I explain to you: surely if you are right-handed you carry out each and every one of the tasks with the right hand, overloading this one. Since well, if you want to take care of your wrists, we recommend that you change the operating hand a few times.

We don’t mean to say that you become ambidextrous from one day to the next or that you write with your left hand. The theme is to realize that there are tasks that we can do with both hands and also change them so as not to hurt them.

4. Don’t forget to stretch

Stretching is an essential part of our exercise, and just as we stretch other parts of our body, it is convenient to do stretches with our wrists on occasion. Thus, we will achieve a flexible muscle apart from strong, which will make injuries less frequent.

You can do multiple exercises to stretch your wrists. One of the most effective is to join the palms of the hands by pressing against each other and continue in this way for half a minute. On the other hand we can also stretch the palm of the hand face multiple sides.

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