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4 tips to burn fat without losing muscle

4 tips to burn fat without losing muscle
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4 tips to burn fat without losing muscle

It is the purpose to achieve: lose weight, but always and at all times holding the good muscle tone that costs so much sacrifice. If you want to lose weight, burning fat without losing muscle, follow these tips and you will succeed.

To define costs, because it demands perseverance and hard work in the gym, but, sometimes, to suppress the piled up fats becomes an absolute priority. In a healthy body, which is supported at its ideal weight and which can be proud of toned and strong muscles, fats have no place. If you want to eliminate fat and take care of your muscles, convenient exercise and diet are the keys to achieving this.

Burning fats is a mathematical matter. You have to spend more calories than you take in. Only in this way will your organism have recourse to the stored lipids and you will be able to get rid of fats. The complexity lies in achieving that balance that makes you lose just what’s left over and not the volume and tone of your musculature.

How to lose fat without losing volume

If your goal is to burn fat without losing muscle, take note of these 4 basic tips that refer to both the diet and the training genre you should follow:

4 tips to burn fat without losing muscle

1. Reduces carbohydrate intake and maintains (or increases) protein intake

If you do sport assiduously, you need to get energy from the essential carbohydrates, but if you want to remove fat while taking care of your muscles, always choose in all circumstances for carbohydrates of slow absorption (whole grains) and try to reduce by ten percent their presence in your diet. The protein of high biological value (eggs, lean meats, fish?) is essential so that the muscle fibers continue in perfect conditions while burning fat.

2. No fasting

It’s another essential premise. It radically suppresses the intake of empty calories such as those in alcohol or industrial pastries but do not continue long periods of time without eating. Your body needs energy for sport and the best way to burn fat without losing muscles is to eat five or six meals throughout the day and always and in all circumstances in moderate amounts. The idea to eliminate anatomical fat without losing muscles is that your body does not resort to glycogen deposits that store your muscles. Hence, having enough energy at all times is essential.

Bear in mind, in addition to this, that the digestible process itself entails an essential metabolic expenditure. Your body burns calories while assimilating food, so having “something” in your stomach helps you burn calories without “touching” your muscles.

3. High intensity intervals in any training genre

Aerobic exercise is basic when it comes to burning grease. Swimming, running, cycling or working on the elliptical? are sports that burn countless calories. They are essential at the time of increasing your calorific expenditure, but you will get better results interspersed with minutes of HIIT training (high intensity intervals). The explanation is easy. By putting your body (muscle groups, blood circulation and heart) at maximum power, the effects of this sacrifice will continue once the activity is over.

4 tips to burn fat without losing muscle

Training with high intensity intervals, not only do you burn fat instantly, but your body will continue to do so, without you appreciating it, for hours after the end of training. This happens with both aerobic exercise and strength training, so high intensity intervals are an essential factor if your goal is to burn fat and sustain your muscles progressively.

4. Hydrate conveniently

A good hydration always and at all times is essential when developing any physical activity with each and every one of the guarantees, but sometimes we forget that water is also essential for the good condition of our muscles. Drinking enough liquids, eminently water, not only assist our body to suppress fats and toxins but also to sustain the good condition and volume of our muscles.

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