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Warming up before exercise is essential to get your body ready for the training you're about to do. With the warm-up, what we achieve is to remove the numbness from the muscles and joints and, in this way, to prevent them from suffering a depressing, pulling or overloading effect.

Before doing yoga it is also advisable to warm up because of the fact that, throughout this millenary practice, the body works passively and statically on the muscles, like the joints of the whole body. This is why in the article we are going to discover four warm-up exercises before doing yoga that will serve as a guide for you to do this exercise in a healthy way.

Why do we have to warm up before yoga?

Before we start to write down the best warm-up exercises for you and before doing yoga it is essential that we understand the importance of doing this previous step. The truth is that by warming up, our body is able to gradually increase its pulsations and, as a result, its anatomical temperature is also raised.

With these physical changes, the muscles and joints are naturally lubricated and, as a result, will be better suited for Yoga postures and forced yoga movements. As you can see, warming up before doing this exercise is highly recommended so that the body is absolutely ready to do the exercise.

The best warm-up exercises even before doing yoga

Now that you know the importance of warming up, we're beginning to find out what warm-up exercises to do yoga are, what you need to do to activate your body and avoid injuries. The ideal way to warm up yoga is to work area by area so that, little by little, they wake up and activate.

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Warm your feet and ankles to do yoga

We will begin by warming up the lower body before we do yoga, while it is the one that will withstand countless pressure and weight. There are many warm-up exercises for this part of the body, however, here is one that is very effective:

  1. You'll have to sit on the floor and keep your back absolutely straight.
  2. Bend your knees at chest level
  3. In this situation, he subtly raises his left foot and begins to rotate it in circles around himself.
  4. Hold on for 15 seconds and then change your feet.

2. Exercise to warm up the twins even before yoga

Another of the parts of the body that can withstand more pressure in yoga classes is the legs, which is why we need to warm them up. For this, we offer you this exercise that will be very simple for you to do and that will help you to clear this area:

  1. Stand on a mat and subtly move your legs apart
  2. Now, slowly lift your legs up to the tip of your toes.
  3. If you see that you are losing your balance, try to do this exercise next to a wall so that you can lean on it.
  4. Hold on for 15 seconds on tiptoe and then slowly go down.
  5. Before you hit the ground, climb back up and repeat the exercise.

By making three repetitions, you've already warmed up the twins.

3. Warm up your legs for yoga

Now let's discover you one of the best warm-up exercises already before doing yoga that activate your legs normally. These are the well-known"squats" and to do them properly in your first yoga class, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Stand on a mat with your back straight and your legs slightly apart.
  2. Now, start gently lowering your butt as if you wanted to touch the ground.
  3. Keep your back straight at all times and look straight ahead.
  4. Get down as low as you can and when you get to the top, stand still and count ten seconds.
  5. Then slowly lift the body up and repeat the exercise twice more.

4. Warm your back and arms before doing yoga

It is also advisable to warm up your back for a moment before starting with the"asanas" of yoga. For this, you can do this exercise:

  1. Stand on the mat and leave your arms rested beside your body.
  2. Now, raise your arms in time and face them forward, at eye level.
  3. Put your hands together and stretch them out to the limit feeling how your back stretches.
  4. Now, you're going to have to spread your arms apart and open them, creating a cross with them and your body.
  5. Then you're going to have to take them face back, putting your hands behind your back and pulling them up.
  6. Feel how well your back stretches over ten seconds

This exercise prepares both the back and the arms and thus makes you completely ready for yoga.

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