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The circuit training is a different way of training with great intensity, combining a wide variety of exercises and with minimum breaks. Scuffing more fat and, at the same time, getting good muscle tone is one of the benefits of circuit training, but there is more, do you want to know them?

Circuit training is a thing of the past. In what appears to be a single continuous session, the athlete changes exercises with hardly any rest between them. At any given moment, he trains his biceps with dumbbells, goes on to make strides and continues working on the elliptical for a few minutes. This is just one case to prepare your weekly training and that can give you an idea of how intense a training of this kind can be.

Why should you start Circuit Training?

Whether you start out in fitness as well as want to thrive in strength and performance, circuit training is a perfect alternative to consider.

Good planning is essential so that you can achieve each and every one of the benefits of circuit training. The different exercises should always and at all times be adapted to your physical condition. Establishing the series, number of repetitions, convenient weight and rest times is essential in order for the circuit to assist you in achieving your goals.

1. Complete training in less time

The duration of the Circuit Training will depend on the plan you have established but, in any case, the intense work involved in this training will multiply the results of your dedication. Agility, strength and stamina increase significantly in record time and results are visible in just a few weeks.

2. Harmonic development of the whole musculature

In a circuit session all the major muscle groups are involved: core, upper body and lower body. It is a question of alternating different stations (set of repetitions of one exercise) that work intensely on a single movement over and over again, in order to quickly move on to the next one. In this way, one of the great benefits of circuit training or Circuit Training is achieved: the possibility of getting one set of muscles to rest while another is being trained, distributing your efforts in a constant way, practically without stopping, but without getting to exhaustion.

3. High energy consumption

Burning more fat without losing muscle is possible by circuit training, especially if you combine strength training with cardiovascular work. If you want to lose weight, this training can assist you. The fact of carrying out long sessions, of between ten and twelve repetitions of each exercise, with an average rest time between them of just thirty seconds, transforms this kind of routines into a high intensity training. With it, you get to raise your metabolic rate and the fat burning continues after the workout.

4. More strength and endurance

The muscles work ?a encuentre?, with little load (it must not exceed fifty percent of your capacity) because the goal is not the weight, but rather the number and the fast pace of the repetitions. The result is muscles with greater power and definition, along with an overall increase in your endurance when doing any sport.

5. Release burdens and change routine

One of the advantages of circuit training is its total dynamism. The fast and varied exercises are its basis and make it ideal for resting from the routines you perform frequently. The adrenaline rush of this type of training helps to remove crowded tensions and its level of demand makes it a challenge for any athlete seeking to achieve new goals.

The use of circuit training or Circuit Training can be very advantageous when the lack of motivation in the face of exercise may be due to possible stagnation and lack of results. Altering the routine, chaining exercises together with speed, is a splendid stimulus to continue advancing.

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