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Although we are aware of the importance of stretching so that our bodies are at their best and do not suffer injuries during training, you probably had to leave the gym in a hurry more than once without being able to stretch each and every muscle you worked on.

If you want to avoid ruining your workout, write down the 5 most frequent mistakes you make when stretching.

What mistakes do we make in stretching?

When we stretch, what we really do is consciously stretch our muscles so that they are more flexible and better ready for physical training. However, we often underestimate the importance of good stretching, both before and after exercise. In truth, not stretching well after training is one of the biggest failures after exercising that we all do.

If you want to know in detail which are the most common errors when stretching, read carefully:

Ignore what stretching is for

The main reason why we sometimes miss stretching after having done sport, or simply do not take this work seriously enough, is because we do not know what the purpose of stretching is.

Well, among the main benefits that we can get from good stretching we highlight: increasing our flexibility, improving our blood circulation while we train, improving our agility, and also the oxygenation of our muscles.

Stretching also helps us avoid certain injuries such as strains, tendinitis or sprains, and also helps us to reduce muscle tension when we train, thereby reducing the chances of suffering uncomfortable stiffness or slight discomfort.

2. To think that any stretching is worth it

Another common mistake we usually make when stretching is to meditate that each and every one of the stretches can be used for the sport or the physical exercise that we practice, when this is not really the case.

It has been proven that certain stretches are not compatible with certain sports. This is the case, for example, of passive stretching even before a competition, since it can lead to a loss of strength for the athlete.

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3. Stretching can be forced to the maximum

Definitely not. Definitely not. For example, if you have an essential sports injury, you should not strain your muscles even when you are stretching, since you should allow the muscle tissues to repair themselves progressively.

And even if you don't have any injuries, keep in mind that when you warm up, you should force the minimum, do each and every one of the exercises slowly, and don't take your body to the maximum, while stretching could also hurt you.

4. No need to pay attention to breathing

This is another of the mistakes that are often made in any kind of stretching, the meditation that it is not necessary to pay attention to breathing.

Well, you have to know that breathing has a powerful effect on our perception of pain and also on our muscle tone. For this reason and while stretching, try to concentrate and meditate that by breathing you bring oxygen to your muscles. You will see how after stretching you will feel more relaxed and also appreciate less muscle tension.

5. Maintain the exercises of stretching over more than a minute

Another of the main mistakes made when stretching is, exactly, prolonging these exercises for more than sixty seconds. As long as you are stretching, keep in mind that each exercise should not exceed one minute of time as long as it does not exceed one minute, stretching can adversely affect your physical performance.

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