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If we talk about fitness trends, it's impossible not to talk about CrossFit. This high intensity training program continuously incorporates new functional movement variables and seems to be here to stay.

In addition, it can be performed by anyone, regardless of their physical condition. This is because each and every CrossFit or WODS (Workout Of The Day) training is scheduled and tailored to the skill of each athlete.

The first WOD should not be scary, but should challenge and change the athlete. CrossFit trainings range from unique anatomical weight routines to weight training. The essential thing is to pay close attention to personal abilities and also to strive for them. These are some beginner trainings:

Half Cindy

The first training consists of repeating the round as many times as possible, in a timed period. This routine requires five pull-ups, ten push-ups and fifteen squats over ten minutes.

While Cindy takes 20 minutes to complete, for beginners it is preferable to start with 10 minutes. At first, the body is not used to the resistance required for multiple WODS. Hence, it is essential to learn what the body is capable of and how quickly it becomes exhausted.

If you feel tired, you can alter the exercises a little to avoid straining your muscles or making bad movements. A good option is to use resistance bands for the pull-ups or to do push-ups by supporting the knees.

Total CrossFit

The main objective of this exercise is weightlifting. It does not require a certain amount of time to do it, but it does require the total performance of the routine. It consists of five heavy squats, three shoulder presses and three dead weight lifts.

Although these exercises seem intimidating, it only takes time and the athlete must get used to the elements to be lifted. By not monitoring time, the focus is on learning how weight affects the body and how far it is possible to move safely.

The way the movements are carried out and safety are essential for this exercise, so it is advisable to ask a trainer or specialist if you have any doubts.

While time is not essential for this WOD, you do need to fill out one exercise to move on to the next.

Helen WOD

This training consists of three rounds. Each round consists of running four hundred meters, performing twenty-one American kettlebell swing and twelve dominated, which must be done as fast as possible.

Although running may seem easy, it is essential to regulate the speed and not start so fast, because exhaustion will be reached very quickly. Endurance at CrossFit is critical, as well as learning little by little what the body can support and how much weight it can handle.

To facilitate these exercises it is possible to move to a Russian kettlebell, where the movement with the weight only reaches its maximum trajectory point, the height of the nose, i.e. parallel to the ground. It is also recommended to wrap a resistance band around the assist bar in order to perform the pull-ups with less difficulty and care.

Wall Ball and burpees

The purpose of this WOD is to perform as fast as possible Wall ball and burpees repetitions or frog jumps. The reiteration scheme is twenty-one, fifteen and nine. Twenty-one can be separated into three rounds of seven, fifteen into three rounds of five and nine into three rounds of three. So, if necessary, the novice can take a break by dividing the routine.

The combination of Wall ball and frog jumps, works every muscle of the body, mainly the legs and arms and shoulders.

For beginners, it is advisable to focus the force on the hip and not on the shoulders when throwing the ball and not to hold the elbows close to the body, to give more flexibility and opening to the arms. As far as frog jumps are concerned, it is advisable to stop as little as possible, as stopping is more difficult than going back to the beginning.

Abdominals and lunges

This routine seeks to progress endurance by incorporating an interval to reverse fatigue. The purpose is to fill three three-minute rounds with 2-minute intervals for resting. Each sequence consists of fifteen sit-ups and fifteen stabs repeated over the three minutes, pushing as hard as possible.

As training becomes simpler, it is possible to add weight to the stabs or add 2 more rounds to fill five.

The primary advantage of CrossFit is that it allows each athlete, and even beginners, to adjust their workouts. Altering the time, the number of repetitions, the weight or the mechanics of certain exercises facilitates certain movements, regulating and improving resistance. Although it is often intimidating at first, when you begin to get to know your body and its reactions to certain stimuli, performance can progress significantly.

As with most training, the results of CrossFit are the result of progressive work and with time and care, you can all achieve it. It's just a matter of not getting discouraged.

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