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5 effective exercises to burn fat in the gym

5 effective exercises to burn fat in the gym
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Whether your goal is to lose weight or you want a better definition of your muscles, take note of the best exercises to burn fat in the gym. March!

5 effective exercises to burn fat in the gym

Removing the fat located in the fatty tissue requires perseverance. It should be remembered that, at the time of exercise, the body first consumes the energy given by carbohydrates (sugars) and will only pull its fat reserves when glucose / glycogen levels are low. This means that in order to eliminate fat in the gym you will have to train by controlling the time and intensity of your efforts.

The best exercises to burn fat in the gym

Some gym machines are ideal for slimming and can become your best ally when it comes to getting rid of excess fat. Another alternative to training is to do “fat burning” routines that combine aerobic work with strength work. Finally, if you’re into weights, you can also train with them in a certain way to help you achieve your goal. With the next few exercises, you’ll burn more fat in each and every workout.

5 effective exercises to burn fat in the gym

1. Running on the belt

Although always and at all times will depend on the duration and intensity of exercise, running on the treadmill is one of the aerobic activities that more calories and fat can make you lose in a short time. If you want to reduce fat tissue, run for at least thirty to forty minutes, at a moderate pace in which it is advisable to include high intensity intervals.

2. Tabata

It is one of the most effective routines to burn fat in the gym and achieve a great physical shape. The Tabata can help you lose weight. It is a training procedure consisting of performing 4 intense exercises (squats, dominated, iron …) making twenty seconds of repetitions of each of them and leaving a restoration time of ten seconds between one and another. In the face of such care, your body will burn fat yes or yes and, in addition to this, will continue to do so even after the exercise.

3. Spinning Session

The intensity of pedalling involved in a Spinning class is a guarantee when it comes to eliminating piled fats. It is a demanding training that involves incessant movement for at least forty minutes, just what you need in order to progressively reduce fat session after session.

5 effective exercises to burn fat in the gym

4. Superseries with moderate weight

Not only does aerobic training contribute to the suppression of calories and fat. A good strength routine can also assist you in achieving your goal. Make superseries of exercises in which you work great muscular sets, with speed and with little weight. In this way, you will suppress fat while you strengthen and gain definition.

5. Elliptical training

It is one of the most effective exercises for burning fat in the gym. With the elliptical, you work both the upper and lower train, making persistent fat accumulations that could be “installed” singularly in buttocks or abdomen disappear training 2 ? 3 times a week.

Tips for losing more fat while training in the gym

If you persevere when doing the exercises to burn fat in the gym indicated, you will get rid of excess fat that may be present. If this is your goal, some tips for burning more fat in the gym and that you should not forget are:

  • Change rhythms and intensities in any routine you choose. If you run on the treadmill, include sections in “cuesta”, if you decide on a Tabata routine, do not always and at all times do exactly the same exercises and if you opt for the elliptical, change the resistance of the machine as you gain physical form.
  • Remember that by training with high intensity intervals (HITT) you can lose more fat in the gym.
  • Work the posture in any exercise you do. Holding a firm abdomen or contracted buttocks is an extra way to “pull” fat without realizing it.
  • Do not neglect your diet and place singular emphasis on correct hydration, essential to assist in the mobilization and suppression of those heaped fats that you want to suppress.

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