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Get in shape, burn calories and remove accumulated fat or increase strength and muscle tone? Whatever the purpose of your workout routine, you'll find multiple options at the gym to achieve it, but there are alternative options to the gym that you can also try.

Attending your training sessions and having access to each and every one of the sports machines and accessories you can have in a fitness room is undoubtedly a great way to take care of yourself while exercising, but not the only one.

Many people opt for other training possibilities, ranging from outdoor sports, home training, to yoga or Pilates classes. If the gym is not your thing or you simply want to combine cardio training or strength training with other disciplines, look for certain alternatives to the gym that can be excellent as a basis for your training or as a complement to it.

Looking for options to replace the gym?

To think you can only train by going to the gym is a mistake. You can put your muscles and joints to work, gain flexibility and agility, develop your muscles or simply get rid of certain kilograms with these different options to the gym that we propose you.

1. Calisthenics

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You need very little to perform a calisthenics routine, because your body weight is the basis for the different exercises with which you can work the large muscle groups in a minimum space and with little or no equipment. At home, in a park or in a hotel room if you are travelling? calisthenics allows you to gain strength and volume for your muscles without having to go to the gym, combining many other exercises: squats, sit-ups, ironing or exercises that are well mastered.

2. Zumba

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Fitness and dance come together in this ideal discipline to burn calories and strengthen your muscles to the sound of music. You have group zumba classes in many gyms, but you can also practice choreographies on your own at any time and any place. Improve the coordination of your movements and maintain a great physical shape is possible with the Zumba training, which, in addition to this, is one of the most enjoyable and the most popular in recent times.

3. Outdoor and HIIT training

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Playing an outdoor aerobic sport is always and at all times a good alternative to gymnastics, such as cross-training. For example, running, cycling, swimming? If you want to achieve the best results, include high intensity intervals (HIIT) in your workouts to get your body working at full power for a few seconds and keep your metabolism burning calories and fat in the hours after training.

4. Pilates

Increasing your strength, flexibility and mental control are just some of the benefits that the Pilates procedure brings to those who practice this discipline, an option to consider if you are looking for an alternative to a session at the gym. Don't think Pilates is a light training. Contrary to what you might think, Pilates movements and exercises can be as intense and effective as those you practice in strength training. A firmer core, proper anatomical posture, stronger muscles and joints and greater flexibility are just some of the benefits that this discipline offers you to take care of body and psyche.

5. Yoga


You think yoga and fitness are incompatible? Not in the least. Many are the athletes who combine their gym training with some form of yoga, from Hatha yoga to aero-yoga. The movements and postures on which this ancient discipline is based transform it into a possible alternative to the gymnasium because with them it is also possible to work intensely on muscles and joints without neglecting other essential aspects of sports activity such as breath control or concentration.

Five alternative options to the gym to keep you in shape according to your preferences. Which one do you get?

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