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5 frequent mistakes in training that you should be aware of

5 frequent mistakes in training that you should be aware of
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5 frequent mistakes in training that you should be aware of

Do you finish starting at the gym? Do you train at home every day but don’t see results? So you’re probably making some common training mistakes and you still haven’t noticed. That’s why, whatever the goal you set yourself with your sessions, it’s essential that you know what the most common mistakes are when training so that your sports performance is not damaged. Keep reading!

What mistakes shouldn’t you make in training?

Our body is very wise and it is essential to listen to it to give it the best it deserves, especially when we exercise at home or in the gym. Therefore, if you do physical activity incorrectly, your body will perceive it and will not be able to achieve the results you expect. Now, we show you the most common failures in training so that you learn to exercise properly:

1. Do cardio first and then strength exercises

This is one of the most common failures on the first of the gym days. The reason is that by doing cardio first, your next muscle capacity will be impaired and therefore your muscles will need to do considerably more to perform in strength training. For this reason, it is ideal to do strength exercises first and then cardio, in order to encourage the restless muscular system with strength exercises and prepare it for cardiovascular exercises. On the other hand, by altering the order we are going to be tiring our muscles and we will also interfere in their improvement.

5 frequent mistakes in training that you should be aware of

2. Gaining a lot of weight and neglecting technique

Many people become obsessed with lifting too heavy weights on their own, without taking into consideration technique or proper execution of movements. In that sense, making sure that you perform each exercise with the precise technique will be avoiding falling into injuries and your muscle fibers will adapt properly to the movements. If, on the contrary, you change the technique or ignore it, you will divide the burden in favour of fresh fibres as you get tired, and this will cause a bad adaptation in specific muscles and fibres.

3. Running to burn grease and lose weight

Have you ever heard that running is ideal for losing weight? While many argue that throughout the race continues the consumption of fat is higher, the truth is that running is also very advantageous to burn fat and increase energy expenditure after training. It is a failure to meditate that running along a long duration helps to lose more fat. For this reason, the most effective methods for burning grease are those based on intervals or series, as in the example of HIIT. The aim is to perform high intensity sprints followed by short periods of rest with the intention of sustaining the intensity in the next interval.

4. Training with only one discipline

There are many people who are restricted to perform a particular discipline (such as yoga, pilates or running), but this is a failure that should be avoided, since they can not work each and every one of the basic physical capabilities and coordination and do not achieve a complete training. With this, the ideal way to continue a balanced training is to combine 2 different sports that involve, if possible, strength and cardio, flexibility, postural work, coordination, etc. Only in this way will you achieve general results for the whole body.

5 frequent mistakes in training that you should be aware of

5. Stretch before training

Finally, another of the common mistakes in training is to meditate that performing previous stretches will improve our performance. However, it is considerably more advisable to do it at the end of the training session to relax the muscles and restore energy. Don’t forget to warm up before exercising either.

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