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5 guidelines for running with stiffness in the legs

5 guidelines for running with stiffness in the legs
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Do your legs hurt after a hard running training? Just the idea of taking a step resembles an impossible mission?…. Don’t worry about it. If you want to run with stiffness in your legs, you can do it, you just have to train in another way and follow certain easy tips.

5 guidelines for running with stiffness in the legs

It doesn’t just happen to beginner runners. Laces are common and can appear at any time. Perhaps you have trained more intensively, for longer, or following a new, more demanding course. This pain, which complicates your movements and can sometimes be accompanied by inflammation, is the consequence of small micro ruptures in the muscle fibers as a result of care. When given in twins, quadriceps or abductors are really annoying and can prevent frequent sports. What can you do if you want to train with stiffness in your legs?

How to run even with shoelaces

Is it advisable to train with shoelaces? Although they are something normal, you have to take into account the shoelaces when running. They sprout in the form of painful punctures in the face of movement and exercise. Your body warns you to stop or reduce the rate of training because it needs more time to recover. In the most serious cases of obvious pain, especially if, in addition to this, there is inflammation, it is advisable to stop and avoid the exercise for two days, but if they are “bearable” aches, take note of how to run with aches and pains in your lower extremities.

1. Slow down

You shouldn’t ignore stiffness and run at the same level as if you were in perfect physical shape. Even if your muscles are sore, gentle exercise can feel really good and become a natural relief, but always and at all times controlling time and effort. You’re not 100 percent, so it’s convenient to train just as if you were a newbie. Cut time in half. Don’t exceed fifty percent of your cardiovascular capacity and, logically, forget about high intensity intervals or sprints that involve forcing your muscles to the limit.

5 guidelines for running with stiffness in the legs

Running with stiffness in the legs means carrying out maintenance training, always and in all circumstances shorter and softer than frequent training. It’s not the time to beat your marks.

2. Change surface

Running is an impact aerobic sport. Your muscles and joints are sore (those persistent stiffnesses remind you of that), so make it simpler and run on a surface other than asphalt. A gentle training, running on the sand of the beach, a dirt road not too compact, or on grass, is the best option if you want to run with stiffness.

3. Heating/stretching

With the sensation of pain, typical of stiffness, it is difficult to get going. If you suffer from them, it is essential to do a good warm-up that prepares the muscles of your legs for a new demand. Do previous stretches, always and at all times in a short and better session based on isometric stretching (no movement). It’s about mobilizing your leg muscles without forcing them before you start running. 5 minutes is more than enough for them to catch the right tone to start the race.

4. Rest/cross training

There’s not another one. Take care of your lower extremities by trying to give them more rest than usual. This doesn’t mean you’re lying on the couch because of the stiff upper lip. Rest what you need and resort to other physical activities that will help you prosper in the race and in which your legs have a smaller participation. For example, cross-training: moving a day of running training for a session in the gym, doing exercises to strengthen the core is a great alternative option.

5 guidelines for running with stiffness in the legs

Another option for relieving stiffness with exercise is to decide to run a few minutes on the treadmill or to pedal on the elliptical. If you have stiffness in your legs, remember that certain gym machines can become your best allies.

5. Antidotes to soothe aches and pains before running

Apply a bag of ice in the area where the sore seems to concentrate, while you make a gentle machacase, and resort to a drug (soothing and / or anti-inflammatory) are measures to mitigate the pain and so that you can run even if you have sore legs.

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