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5 improved bodybuilding exercises for people with little time

5 improved bodybuilding exercises for people with little time
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It works the muscles and burns all the fat in half the time that with the usual exercises thanks to these powerful traditional exercises of training in the gym but improved for a greater effectiveness and maximization of the time of training:

5 improved bodybuilding exercises for people with little time

The training

For rapid muscle development and fat loss, complete this circuit three times up to three times a week, with one day of rest between drills.

1. Improves squats

Squats are often the exercise of choice for each and every trainer because they work on the quadriceps, femorals, buttocks, lower back and abdominals. In this exercise a good execution and technique is vital, to serve as an example, if you do not have a strong core, the back tends to bend, which can certainly lead to lumbar problems and reduce the work that would be done on the muscles.

Now, to progress the exercise and increase its power you can add a military press movement. Instead of putting the bar on your back you will have to hold it in front of you and at shoulder height, which will make the torso straighter and reduce the inconveniences that usually occur with the back in unison with the abdominals working more. In unison, by adding the military press to the squats, you’re also going to work on the shoulders and triceps, not forgetting that you’re going to increase testosterone and development hormone levels by making your muscle thrive for considerably longer.

5 improved bodybuilding exercises for people with little time

For the good execution of this exercise, first lie down on the bench and lower the bar to the height of the middle of the chest. Get up from the middle of your chest and stretch your arms. Continue with your heels attached to the floor and squeeze your abs so that your body is more stabilized. Once the repetitions are done, and when the bar is back on the support, lift your feet and legs parallel to the floor. It supports along all the time of rest and in this way you avoid to have to make the iron then. Then repeat the exercise with 10 repetitions per batch.

3. Improves Inverted Rowing

The improved version of the inverted paddle will allow you to increase the most central part of your muscles and strengthen their middle section. In truth, the stronger the core muscles are, the better the results and greater the efficiency of any exercise we do. In addition to this, this also means saving time and complete abdominal work without hindering the work of the back and hands.

To do this exercise put the bar on a weight stand or use multipower, stand underneath and with the bar at waist height. You have to hold on to the bar with your hands, and you can put your legs on top of a FitBall, just by touching it with your heels. Once on, squeeze your abdominals and go up to the moment when the chest touches the bar. There must be 10 repetitions.

5 improved bodybuilding exercises for people with little time

Then try to activate more back muscles by combining the inclined paddle with the bar and the dead weight.

Use a box or bench to climb to the top of the bar. To perform this exercise properly take the bar with a prone grip, the palms of the hands face down, with a wide grip of shoulders and lower the body very gradually with straight arms and without swinging. In this situation, the knees should be worn face to chest up to ten times already before releasing the bar. There should be about 12 repetitions.


To achieve muscle development and rapid fat loss, you must fill this circuit three times a week with at least one day’s rest.

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