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Mountain bike racing is a social event where you'll meet a number of people who share your passion, cycling. It is also a great opportunity to challenge yourself and discover your strengths and weaknesses.

Even if your goal is not to compete, the experience will introduce you to a whole new set of running skills that will make your refreshing mountain rides even more enjoyable.

What you need to know to participate in a mountain racer race

These are the tips you need to know to enjoy your first mountain run at the limit:

1. Continue in your locality. The adventurous psyche itself can tempt us to run in distant places, but it is better to run in familiar and nearby places, where you know the road conditions and have your bike ready for the best experience. In the same way as the tips for riding your bicycle on the road we suggest, another advantage of knowing where you're going is that if you forget something when you're already there, it won't take you long enough to get it home.

2. Sign up with a friend. Mountain bike racing is a social experience, so try not to run alone. Persuade one of your friends to make the race with you. It's always and always more fun when you have someone to share the experience with. In addition, having a partner nearby can reduce pressure and stress in difficult situations. Most of the races for beginners usually start quite early, so prepare all the equipment the night before, because if you leave it for exactly the same morning it will be very fast.

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3. set your goals before you leave - will you go and live the experience or are you thinking of going to the podium? If your goal is to live from within what a career is and be part of it, great. But if your goal is really ambitious you need to do a huge amount of preparation work, that is, to train intensively in the weeks or months before the event, including interval and long distance trips every week.

4. Don't eat too much. As Napoleon claimed, an army marches on his stomach. It is essential that you take care of your nutrition both before and during the race day. Try to eat about 3 hours before the race so that you have plenty of time to digest it.

5. Check your bike. In the days leading up to the race, check your bike thoroughly. No doubt you won't want to make essential changes even before the race, but you will want to make sure that the most essential parts are in good condition. Make sure the bike is clean and the tires are not damaged in any way that could damage you during the race. The day before the race, he checks the lubrication of the gears and the tire pressure.

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