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5 machines you can use to work your legs in the gym

5 machines you can use to work your legs in the gym
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Sometimes, we forget the importance of including in our training specific exercises that strengthen the musculature of the lower extremities. Pay attention to the 5 machines to work legs that we present you with which you will be able to achieve tone and power in a few sessions.

5 machines you can use to work your legs in the gym

Quadriceps, twins or adductors are just certain muscles that give shape to our legs, helping us to hold ourselves in balance and to carry out movements as basic as walking or running. Firm and toned legs are not only attractive, but also essential for a multitude of exercises and sports, from running to cycling to swimming, among many others.

You have machines to work your legs that affect very specific muscles that are otherwise quite difficult to train. Include them once a week in your training sessions and you will gain power, strength and elasticity, while you consult your doubts with a personal trainer or qualified monitor and take care of the tendons and joints of the lower body.

The best gym apparatuses for training the legs

If your aim is to achieve harmonious muscle development, your legs cannot be excluded from your training. Normally, we focus on exercises that strengthen and strengthen the core (abdominals, pectorals …) or the arms, letting pass the opportunity to work the legs with machines in the gym as efficient as the following:

1. Leg press

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5 machines you can use to work your legs in the gym

Very easy to use, it is ideal for hardening the lower extremities and also the buttocks. The inclined leg press is the most frequent and can be used even by beginners. The exercise consists of pushing, with the strength of your legs previously bent, a certain weight that adjusts to your physical condition. With little weight, you will be able to train faster and you will gain definition in buttocks and legs. If you want to have more power and grow your muscles, you also have the leg press with discs, so that you add weight and increase the effort.

2. Quadriceps extension machine

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It is fabulous to get a solid quadriceps like rocks that give you perfect stability when practicing any sport and assist you, in addition to this, to protect the knees and joints. In fact, it is often used in the restoration of knee and tendon injuries. The operation of this machine ideal for leg work is easy. Sitting on a bench (or lying down) with your legs stretched out and your feet under rollers of a certain weight, you should only try to lift them with the instep. The work of quadriceps is appreciated to the few reiterations.

5 machines you can use to work your legs in the gym

3. Adductor machine

Do you know the relevance of training abductors and adductors? Whether you’re running and want to prosper your balance and stability in the race, as if your goal is simply to strengthen the inner thighs, an area prone to sagging, this leg training machine is right for you. It is designed so that you can sit with your legs apart and also try to close them by overcoming the resistance exerted by the machine itself. It is one of the best devices for training hard adductor muscles and also abductors.

4. Static bike

It is not lacking in any gym and is a machine to strengthen the legs and hold in shape burning a good amount of calories throughout the exercise. Training on an exercise bike involves doing hard cardio work that improves the circulatory system by increasing the heart rate. The pedal strengthens the legs as a whole with special emphasis on quadriceps and cufflinks. Its effects on the knee joints should also be taken into account, especially if you have a joint problem.

5. Hamstring Machine

The muscles located in the next area of the thigh tend to be the great forgotten in the training of legs, but with this particular device you will be able to work them easily. Essentially, this machine for working the legs in the gym is a bench with a moving weight at one end. To work the hamstrings, you will have to lie on your stomach holding with your feet the roller with weight to lift it bending your knees. In each and every repetition, you will feel how these muscles contract and stretch in a totally effective way.

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