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5 myths to avoid to lose fat

5 myths to avoid to lose fat
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Surely many of you want to exercise to improve your physical performance, progress your eating habits for better health or diet to lose fat. Let us be honest, all this is in the same package and we all have exactly the same purpose: we all want to feel and look good. The drawback is that there is a lot of disinformation that discourages us and we end up leaving the process halfway through. It is for this reason that here you can see five myths that you have to avoid.

5 myths to avoid to lose fat

1. Count calories

Counting calories is a lot of work and in many cases it is useless, since it depends on many variables: age, height, weight, work, training, muscle mass, the amount of water ingested, drugs and many more condition the number of calories that one needs. In addition to this, most people who count the calories they consume get frustrated by the fact that after so many, they don’t get the desired results.

In case you have big setbacks to lose weight, count them a little. But if not, start eating unprocessed fish and meats, nuts and seeds, legumes, fruits and vegetables. So eat when you have an appetite and stop when you’re satisfied.

2. Eating frequently

Increasing the number of times you eat food is useful for bodybuilders and contenders, but we can point out that research on the frequency of meals does not reveal solid evidence to prove that eating more times a day increases the metabolism more than eating your 3 meals a day. So our advice is to don’t worry if you skip a meal, stay hydrated with water and eat when you are hungry, but above all, don’t go to the junk food.

5 myths to avoid to lose fat

3. Doing a lot of cardio

If you want to lose fat, jogging for an hour at the same pace is a waste of time. When your muscles are in incessant contractions, they need energy from somewhere and this is taken from the muscles, not the fat. So you first need to build up muscle tissue to lose fat.

Also, high intensity intervals are more effective than running an hour at exactly the same speed, since they force your body to continue burning calories after you stop training. In addition to this, just a few minutes of intense cardio stimulates anaerobic and aerobic conditions.

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4. Do not eat anything greasy

One gram of fat has more calories per gram (nine calories per gram) than either protein or carbohydrates (four calories per gram), but that doesn’t mean it’s any less healthy. Coconut oil, avocados, almonds, etc. are better choices than pasta, bread and cereals, among others. Therefore, with the above-mentioned fatty foods, you will feel more satisfied, reduce inflammations and concentrate more.

5 myths to avoid to lose fat

5. Lift little weight and do lots of repetitions

Only if you lift weights with more weight will you be able to burn fat and also increase your muscle mass. On the contrary, it’s going to be the same as running for an hour with exactly the same regularity: you’re not going to burn any fat.

Take note, according to a recent McBride study, the stronger you are, the faster you are, and the faster you are, the more fat you burn during exercise. So we invite you to do four to fifteen repetitions with the greatest weight and speed possible.

Girls, this goes for you, too. Keep in mind that for hormonal reasons you are only going to strengthen. So don’t forget to lift weights 😉

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