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5 reasons to do yoga every morning

5 reasons to do yoga every morning
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5 reasons to do yoga every morning

Starting the day with a positive and energetic mentality to face any situation is one of the primary benefits of doing yoga in the morning. If you get used to doing easy yoga exercises when you wake up, you won’t want to leave home before doing them.

It’s always a good time to devote a few minutes to yoga. Focusing on ourselves, stretching each muscle of our body, controlling our own breathing and expelling negative thoughts is good practice that feels good on any occasion, but undoubtedly, doing yoga in the morning is the best way to start the day well.

After the night rest, the mind and body are more receptive to soaking in the good vibrations that this millenary discipline of Hindu origin provides, combining exercise with meditation. Whether you want to lose weight quickly with yoga or you want to strengthen your muscles, you can’t let go of the advantages of doing yoga at the beginning of the day and holding yourself in shape.

5 reasons to do yoga every morning

Why do yoga to start the day?

All those who practice yoga in the morning claim to feel better throughout the day, with less fatigue and without the burden dent as the hours go by. A few minutes are enough to appreciate how wellbeing is installed in the body and in the spirit. If you think about starting the day doing yoga, these 5 reasons will persuade you.

  1. Yoga is not based on high-impact exercises, but rather on progressive and paused stretching of each and every muscle in the body. When you get up, will a good stretch make you feel sensational? Since doing a yoga routine in the morning you will get that nice feeling of stretching the whole body and you will get to lengthen it longer.
  2. Deep and rhythmic breathing is a way to activate your energy. Fill your lungs with oxygen while you feel a part of the planet. Practically without realizing it, the movements of yoga and your controlled breathing will make not only your body awake, but also your psyche. It’s a great way to charge “batteries” with positive energy.
  3. Although these are not sweat-shirt exercises, yoga postures and movements are more intense than they look. They are used to work on muscle strength and endurance as well as flexibility. If you do yoga every morning on a physical level you will feel more diligent, lighter, with greater elasticity and on a mental level, you will discover your ability to adapt to each situation and overcome it successfully.
  4. One of the important benefits of yoga is to be able to revitalize the psyche and spirit by means of its exercises, transmitting to them a feeling of peace and calm that makes it impossible for you to start the day with anxiety.
  5. A lucid mind and greater physical and mental stamina to face the day charged with positivism.

Routine yoga exercises to wake up on the right foot

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Don’t just open your eyes every morning. Why not start a yoga routine in the morning? Also open your psyche and your soul to that day that begins by stretching your muscles with slow movements as you feel your breath and connect to the planet around you.

5 reasons to do yoga every morning

Start with gentle arm lifts and practice certain basic yoga postures, such as the Sun Salutation, which are indispensable in morning yoga because it helps to stretch the whole body in a soft and harmonious way. It also includes the Cobra, lying on the floor face down with hands resting at shoulder level to go head and chest raised, appreciating how it stretches, little by little, the spine.

If you spend many hours sitting throughout your day, also do some pronounced flexions folding the log face forward, letting your arms and head hang relaxed. The posture of the tree, standing putting the sole of your right foot on the calf or the thigh (as you find it simpler) of the left. In this way, try to maintain your balance, breathing calmly and visualizing the day that awaits you.

These are just certain yoga exercises and postures, but you have many so that you can choose the ones that best suit you and begin to take advantage of all the benefits of doing yoga in the mornings.

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