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Unless you have hundreds and hundreds of euros to pay for a personal trainer, finding out what to do in the gym can be breathtakingly overwhelming. You have questions like, what is a BOSU ball? or what routine should I continue? and you see many women doing HIIT more, even too many days in a row practicing it, can be a real torment. It is precisely for this reason that we will assist you in achieving RESULTS, making sure that you do not fall into these 5 common mistakes.

Beast mode is the only way

If you are a follower of the HIIT, it is simple to feel that it is a day of rest or even a day lost when you only do thirty minutes of cycling. But really, the days of rest are the days when the muscles grow stronger and the hormones you have exercised have time to relax. When it comes to gaining more strength and building a good physique, the days of restoration go by the wayside," says scientist Erica Suter.

The time you need to rest depends on 3 things: the intensity of your routines, your skill level, and your goals, says co-host Heidi Powell of ABC Extreme Weight Loss. If you're practicing CrossFit or other HIIT exercises, don't be afraid to take a day - or even 2! rest between sessions to let your muscles rebuild and repair. Training that does not require as much physical care as yoga requires less rest. "You have to listen to your body and let it rest.

"I can't lift any more weight.

If you've been lifting very little weight for a long time, you're probably despising your strength. Many women underestimate how much they can lift," says Suter. They believe the myth that women are the most wimpy sex to initiate, our goal is to supervise 2 or 3 movements with which to work the whole body, whether it is a squatting situation (one of the simplest to initiate) or a dead weight holding a perfect situation.

BONUS: At the end of the training you won't have to kill yourself to do sit-ups while doing this, you work your whole body, even the wood.

Take something light after training

We all deserve our whims. But by adopting the mentality that if you exercise you've earned 2 or 3 beers, you can seriously minimize your results, says Suter.

In fact, after exercising, it's the most essential moment to recharge your body, without a doubt," says Powell, but it's about eating what's convenient. Eat something rich in protein and also carbohydrates because this will make the muscle grow and recover, and you will be able to create the body you want and you will feel good when you exercise the day after. "This way you don't spoil the work done in the gym, but you're solidifying it.

You're a creature of habit.

If you always and under all circumstances continue the exact same routine, your body knows what to expect, how many calories it will consume and maybe that's why your results are stuck. You shouldn't reinvent yourself day by day, but if you do exactly the same exercises and in exactly the same order at all times and in exactly the same order, your body gets used to it," says Cris Dobrosielski.

In place, he alternates trainings on occasion. If you usually do log exercises after your routine, try to do them before you start (when you're fresh). If you're always hooked to your treadmill, try to get on a bike or change the intensity at certain intervals, advises Dobrosielski.

You force yourself to like what's trendy

Believe it or not, you're not the weirdo if you don't like the exercises that are trendy. As with so many things in life, if you do them just to fit in or stay in shape, you will end up failing.

Many women think'I'm going to do HIIT because it's what the whole planet does, but I really hate doing HIIT,'" Suter says. "Do as many exercises as you like and feel comfortable doing them. That's better than ending up exercising...just for the sake of exercising.

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