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5 simple exercises that will help you lose weight without leaving home

5 simple exercises that will help you lose weight without leaving home
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5 simple exercises that will help you lose weight without leaving home

To lose weight without having to go to the gym is the goal of many people who are over their ideal weight. To attend this group, which for economic or time reasons can not attend a gym, we will teach a routine of exercises to lose weight at home.

This series of exercises does not require complex machines or expensive equipment. Before starting, we clarify that these exercises are focused on losing weight and not on producing hypertrophy (gain of muscle mass). Also know that it is essential to continue a diet so that the results achieved with exercise are enduring.

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5 simple exercises that will help you lose weight without leaving home

What are the best exercises for losing weight at home?

But what are the ideal exercises for losing weight at home? Whether you have a personal trainer or you prefer to train at home on your own, it is essential that your home weight loss training chart includes all or some of the upcoming exercises to get results in no time:

  1. Squats. This exercise is one of the most essential of our musculature. The squat can be done in multiple ways, but the traditional way is to put the feet in exactly the same line as the shoulders, bend the knees and make the natural movement of squatting, then return to the current situation.
  2. Lunge. This exercise is squat alteration and its primary focus is the musculature of the femoral quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks. The exercise should begin with one leg bent at 90ยบ and the other semi-extended. This semi-extended leg will descend and touch the knee slightly on the ground, forcing the muscles of the bent leg to return to the initial situation. Repeat this movement with the other leg facing forward.
  3. Pushups. This is one of the most common exercises when talking about natural gymnastics (exercises using the weight of the body). Its primary focus is the pectoral musculature. If you have problems to perform it as usual, use your knees as a support to reduce the load.
  4. Bicep curl with dumbbells. For this exercise we will need two dumbbells. The essential here lies in the muscles of the biceps. To do this properly, stand up and hold a dumbbell with each hand facing up. Lift the dumbbell up to the shoulders and down little by little, always and at all times keeping the spine straight and taking care not to compensate the movement with the shoulders or the back.
  5. Abdominals. This traditional exercise is very advisable to strengthen the abdominal musculature and harden the belly so that, once we have lost enough fat, we can look good abdominals.

If you have a stationary bike or a home running machine, you can use it for cardiovascular exercise and lose anatomical fat. The ideal way to enjoy the benefits of cardio activities would be to practice this exercise three to four times a week for twenty to thirty minutes. If you don’t have any of these machines, you could substitute it with jumping the rope or climbing the stairs of your residence or a park close to home.

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Basic recommendations for losing a belly at home

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5 simple exercises that will help you lose weight without leaving home

With summer around the corner and the beginning of bikini surgery, many wonder how they can lose belly at home, without having to leave home or sign up for a gym. But before you exercise at home, we’re going to give you a series of useful tips to help you plan your home training program and lose weight at home without taking risks:

  • Eliminate simple carbohydrates from your diet. Trying to lose your belly and continuing to eat simple carbohydrates is absolutely useless.
  • Get enough protein. The intake of proteins is essential to feed the muscles and increase our basal metabolism.
  • Drink water constantly. In addition to progressing fat suppression, it helps the body preserve metabolic processes.
  • Consume caffeine wisely. Incorporating caffeine would be very interesting in your goal of losing weight as it is a fat burning enhancer because it accelerates the metabolism. But you should not overdo their consumption by the fact that it can lead to unfavorable reactions that can put your life at risk. Act always and at all times in moderation.

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