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If you have decided to take care of yourself and get in shape while doing sports, you are in luck because your body and your health will thank you, but starting is not a booger and discouragement can soon end with your good intentions. If you don't want to be discouraged on your first day of training, keep in mind some simple and essential tips.

Motivation is the key to not falling apart after that first session at the gym. If you are determined to train, it is because you are aware of the advantages that your physical activity will bring you, but the complexity of the exercises, tiredness or the stiffness of the first days can wreak havoc on your healthy claims.

In order not to forsake the first day of training, it is essential that you have your objective clear before you start. It's easy. If you work hard to achieve a specific result, you will train more intensely and with more enthusiasm, because you want something and you are ready to work hard to achieve it. It doesn't matter what you want to do: lose weight, feel more diligent, have stronger and more toned muscles, be able to resist throughout a race? Your goal will come to your head in the moments of discouragement and holding on to it will make you overcome the discouragement.

The keys to sustaining motivation in the first few days of training

You already have your goal and you're going for it plus the threat of losing motivation after the first day of training and you have to overcome it that first day. The following tips to avoid becoming discouraged after training will help you:

1. Be aware of the physical way you start from

It is essential to know your limitations because in this way you will get an idea of when you will begin to appreciate the results of your efforts. A medical check-up is always and under all circumstances recommended. You can't start playing sports at a high level if there is a medical problem that you should be cautious about. Overweight, heart disease, joint discomfort? A previous medical check-up will give you peace of mind and, in addition to this, if you're great, your doctor will be the first to encourage you to start in the gym or to practice sports to feel even better.

2. Realistic goals

If you don't want to leave the gym with your spirits down on the first day, don't ask for more than you can give. Make it through that first day of training when things haven't been going as you expected by setting a deadline, for example a couple of weeks, in which you commit yourself not to give up. Setting a possible goal and in the short term will help you sustain motivation.

3. Customized training plan

If you don't have a training routine in place, the first few days are the most difficult and having the advice of a professional trainer is essential to avoid throwing in the towel at the first sign of discouragement. In the gym, your trainer will guide you through exercises that are suitable for a beginner like you and will motivate you by explaining how you will evolve. An ideal weekly training plan and a good trainer will not let you lose motivation in the first session. His advice is gonna make you retrain.

4. Suitable equipment

It is not a secondary issue in the motivation to face the first day of training. If you're uncomfortable on your first day of training, it's all going to get too"uphill". Convenient shoes, protective gear if the sport you play requires them, breathable clothing that leaves you mobile and doesn't stress you out? These are small details that influence the moment you hold up your motivation on the first day and that will make you not decide to leave because of the fact that the training has been"torture".

5. Nutrition and also hydration

You have to feel well while training so as not to become discouraged in the face of the first complexity and in that well-being, the suitable diet is decisive. Foods that provide you with the energy required for the physical exercise you start and adequate hydration before, during and after training will help to slow down, without you noticing it, the discouragement of the first workout that you can surely overcome.

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