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5 Tricks to Cure Your Mild Muscle Injuries

5 Tricks to Cure Your Mild Muscle Injuries
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5 Tricks to Cure Your Mild Muscle Injuries

Few people are dedicated to sport and have never suffered any injury no matter how small. One of the most common are those of muscular type and can be generated throughout the training, as in the course of a competition. As the milder ones are accustomed to allowing us to continue doing normal life, in many occasions we do not give them the precise attention. However, a proper rehabilitation will prevent them from being repeated again, and certain tricks to heal your slight muscular injuries, among which is the use of ointments such as Fisiocrem, are extremely useful to calm their discomfort. We’re going to look at them in detail now.

Types of Mild Muscle Injuries

Although the typology of muscular injuries is extensive and varied, the following are among those considered mild and usual:

5 Tricks to Cure Your Mild Muscle Injuries

  • The stiffness: it presents as a muscular pain that arises the day after or after forty-eight hours of sport. Generally, stiffness is generated when the exercise load is greater than what we are accustomed to accepting. They are part of the adaptation process. That’s why, if you continue to practice sport in moderation, your body will end up getting used to it and your aches and pains will disappear.
  • Cramps: these are contractions that arise involuntarily and usually cause intense pain, but their duration does not usually exceed two minutes. As a general rule, they appear at the beginning of sports practice, when we have forgotten to warm up before a training so that the muscles are prepared, or at the end of exactly the same, at the time when we are tired or with symptoms of dehydration.
  • Contractures: produced in a specific part of the muscle, contractures do not habituate to disappear spontaneously. In truth, the more mobility you try to exercise in that area, the more pain you will experience. There are 2 types of contractures: by overexertion or by defense. Usually, the treatment involves physiotherapeutic treatments that allow the damaged area to be decontractured, in which the patient experiences a sensation of tearing or blockage with a strong background pain when trying to make movements.

5 tricks to restore your successful muscle injuries

For its cure, there are different techniques that change depending on the type of lesion, the severity and the person, etc. For mild lesions the following solutions are usually applied:

  1. Rest of the affected area: rest is always and in all circumstances a good help so that our muscles are rehabilitated and reactivated. However, depending on the discomfort, it should be longer or shorter. As previously stated, in the case of stiffness, its disappearance comes almost naturally and this does not have to be reason to prevent the practice of sport. But never without overexertion. In the case of mild type injuries, sufferers can walk and move their arms despite muscle pain.
  2. Use of anti-inflammatory creams: as we have advanced at the beginning, massage ointments are often a very efficient help to overcome muscular pains. They can be located at both our district pharmacy and online pharmacy. For their application, these pharmacy creams are usually used on the damaged area, clean and dry. A small dose should be extracted on the fingertips of the index and middle fingers and begin to apply it with a gentle massage on the damaged area. They can be used on the surface of the skin and never in areas where mucous membranes are found. It is also essential to check if there is any wound in the area, as the cream could infect it.
  3. Application of cold: in certain cases, the application of cold can assist us in relieving the pain of a muscle injury. It is most comfortable to use ice cubes or gel bags specially designed for the application of heat. If ice is used, direct contact with the skin must be avoided so that the skin is not damaged. During the first seventy-two hours it is not recommended to apply heat, as it could worsen the injury. In the case that the heat was indicated by our doctor, it could be applied through electric blankets, hot water bags, heated seed bags?
  4. A good diet: a diet rich in liposoluble vitamin A, C, omega three fatty acids, zinc, antioxidants and proteins assist in hastening the healing process. Chicken, nuts, citrus? are certain foods that possess these elements. Natural treatments based on foodstuffs such as ginger, willow or ponytail can help us make the improvement process faster than expected.
  5. Raise the affected area: for this, we can use pillows, cushions, blankets or any other object that helps us gain more height. It is also recommended that lifting the damaged area does not cause discomfort or tension in another part of our body, so as not to expose us to another muscle injury. In the cases in which we are useless to elevate that zone, we must at least try to hold it parallel to the ground.

Of course, the best recommendation is that at the same time as you put these tricks into practice, you should go to a doctor’s office to determine the extent of the injury, in case other ancillary measures need to be taken.

5 Tricks to Cure Your Mild Muscle Injuries

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