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6 basic stretches to activate the body in the morning

6 basic stretches to activate the body in the morning
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If you wake up wanting to stretch, it means you slept well. A good stretch relaxes the muscles and helps you to start the day with renewed energy. If it’s something we do innate, why not take advantage of it with a stretching routine to activate your body every morning?

If you get used to morning stretches, you won’t be able to stop doing them. It is worth getting up a few minutes early and getting your muscles and joints to wake up gradually.

The exercises we propose are very simple and with them you will gain flexibility at the rate that you”grease” your joints so that they are ready for the day that begins. Stretching in the morning will help you to remove the small discomfort that may be caused by poor posture when sleeping and to feel more diligent and fit after the night’s rest.

If you don’t have any injuries or muscle overload to discourage them, get up and stretch!

How to stretch for more energy when you wake up

Morning stretches should always and under all circumstances be done gently and slowly. It’s not about stretching and putting muscles and joints to work to the maximum, but rather about gradually regaining their energy after hours of inactivity. They should never be bothersome or painful and it is best to repeat each stretch 2 or 3 times. Remember that deep breathing must accompany each and every one of your movements: are you ready to get going day by day with these stretches?

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1. Ankle and wrist twists

It couldn’t be easier and they’re a great and fragile way to march the joints of these two areas of your body. You can do them any way you want: standing, sitting or even leaning on the edge of the bed. Describe small circles by first moving your right wrist, then your left wrist, and finally both in unison. Turn 2 or 3 times clockwise and then counterclockwise.

Keep stretching your feet and ankles. Lift one foot (toes face up) and lower it down to touch the ground with your tip. Repeat up and down with both feet. Complete the stretch with slow turns to the right and left (just like you did with your wrists).

2. Heels to the buttocks

Perfect for making the quadriceps numb and starting the day off on the right foot. Hold the instep of one of your feet with your hand, bend your knee and bring your heel to your buttocks. Do it with both legs. You’ll appreciate the way your thighs stretch.

3. Arm exercises

Many ideal morning stretches focus on the upper body. Try the next one, sitting in your bed or wherever you prefer with your feet crossed (Indian type). Raise your arms above your head and hold your hands. Pull them up face up, with soft bounces. Then, take them face right, go back to the center and repeat face left. Actually, you don’t just stretch your arms, you stretch your back muscles, your shoulders and your obliques.

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4. C-spine

Standing up, with your knees slightly bent and your arms relaxed during logging, tilt your head slowly, trying to touch your chest with your chin. You will appreciate how the vertebrae of your neck are’repositioned’. Return to the initial situation and repeat 2 or 3 times. We insist, always and at all times very slowly.

5. Leg Exercises

Lying on your back, preferably on a mat, bend one leg and hold the knee with your 2 hands while directing it towards your chest. Bounce slightly and, from there, stretch and raise your leg (as much as you can) so that it forms a 90º angle with the other leg. Repeat with opposite leg. It is also an ideal stretch to do in bed before going to bed.

6. Stretching the lower back

In exactly the same starting situation, bend both knees holding the soles of your feet to the ground. Swing your knees together in unison, first to the right and then to the left, trying to keep your back as close to the ground as possible. It is a stretch to start the day relaxed and charged with good energy.

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