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6 eating habits to enhance your abs

6 eating habits to enhance your abs
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Have you tried every single abdominal exercise that exists? Your solution for bringing them to light may be here. If you combine these six tricks with essential exercises, focused on this one part of the body, you’ll get the results you want

. eat

6 eating habits to enhance your abs

five or six times a dayAlthough

nutritional specialists and research also recommend this trick, many of us continue to consume the majority of calories in three large meals a day. Of course, you can lose weight on a low-calorie diet, but it can’t cause your body to burn fat effectively, which will lead to long-term stagnation


3-hourly nutritious food intake sustains blood sugar levels, nourishes your body with an incessant flow of precise nutrients, and helps you monitor cravings.


also leads to more efficient glycogen storage in the liver and muscle tissues

. don’t

let appetite be your guideThe

human body is a bit confused: the instant you tell it that you need nutrients, it’s dependent on that. In truth, these appetite attacks are the last sacrifices of your body to persuade you to eat

. If

you are subject to a schedule, consider the following: A meal can consist of a few ounces of chicken, a small baked potato or a salad, try to make yourself eat the night before to have more time. Change a small meal for a protein shake or a piece of fruit

, the

need for protein


how much protein is adequate? If your lifestyle is very vital, you need plenty of this nutrient, suitable for fat loss and muscle building

. Calculate

: It’s very simple you have to know more or less what your perfect weight is and multiply it by 0.8 grams, you’ll get the daily amount of protein

. While

other foods are gradually increasing your metabolic rate, protein increases to the limit this rate. Chicken, turkey, meat, egg whites and cottage cheese are certain food choices that you should eat frequently. Protein is essential for building muscle, action that leads to fat burning. This action can continue even at rest

. it is

advisable to keep a record for about a month because thanks to that you will be able to alter your protein intake to avoid the syndrome of overtraining (stop burning fat)

. diversity

of carbohydratesYour

system will work better if you do not habituate it to eat always and at all times the same, for this reason ingest different kinds of carbohydrates in your diet so you do not stop working. As a general rule, you may not eat more than 0.50 or 0.90 kg per anatomical weight. Quite a few people eat large amounts of carbohydrates ? good ? thinking they are low in fat. Once

6 eating habits to enhance your abs
you have

discovered your daily carbohydrate requirement, the tendency is to eat exactly the same amount of carbohydrates in each and every meal. This approach goes perfectly in the first phase of a weight loss plan, but over time, your body gets adapted and therefore does not work enough to sustain the balance of the magical mass in the fat reserves.

In order

for this not to happen, you must expose your body to changes

. to

achieve this and assuming that you do not suffer from diabetes or hypoglycaemia episodes, one way to activate your body, is to reduce carbohydrate intake over forty-eight hours every 2 or 3 weeks. Your body will seek different sources of energy, breaking your rhythm and accelerating your metabolism.



lower your carbohydrate intake for more than two days.


body can’t effectively transform carbohydrates into energy without enough water


Essential amino acids cannot be given in muscle tissue without a convenient amount of water. Not only can you suffer in your training sessions but also obstructs the decomposition of fats

, you must

hold your body hydrated, do not wait to be thirsty, it is the first stage of dehydration. Drink frequently throughout the day and especially before and throughout the training session.


light mealsIn

the final meals of the day you should put more emphasis on protein than on slow-burning carbohydrates such as pasta. Opt for fish as a top food, it is light and good for restoring essential fatty acids. The fish is healthy and it is recommended at least 2 servings of fatty fish such as tuna or salmon a week

. to

finish filling these tricks we leave you a detailed abdominal routine and so you can fight for them.

6 eating habits to enhance your abs
Abdominal routine

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