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6 energetic fruits essential for sportsmen and women

6 energetic fruits essential for sportsmen and women
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If you want to thrive, you need to practice sport regularly, but you also need to continue a series of healthy habits. One of them is nutrition, and in nutrition we find we can talk about proteins, carbohydrates or fats that we eat, but also about fruit, our protagonist of today. There are fruits that give energy to athletes, so we can eat them before or during the training but also after the exercise to recover.

6 energetic fruits essential for sportsmen and women

1. The banana

When we talk about energetic fruits for sportsmen and women, the banana, a fruit with a high glycemic index, comes to mind. Due to its soft texture and the simplicity of transporting its nutrients, it is an ideal fruit to eat while exercising. Not only is it energizing, but it helps us reduce the feeling of fatigue and tiredness.

2. Oranges

Like other citrus fruits such as grapefruit or mandarin, oranges are one of the best sources of vitamin C, which among many other things promotes tolerance to care throughout physical activity. For this reason, you should not miss in your diet to start in the gym or practice sport day by day. The key is none other than their antioxidants and their benefits for the immune system. They also help to avoid dehydration, one of the greatest risks for athletes. Another of its benefits is that it improves the absorption of iron. However, it is essential to avoid oxidation of the fruit or to prepare it too far in advance, since in such a case it loses its properties.

3. The red fruits

Strawberries, cherries, blueberries, blackberries… fruits that we should eat before practicing sport because they are rich in antioxidants, and have a low glycemic index. Polyphenols are responsible for their antioxidant – and anti-inflammatory – properties, but they also have interesting vitamin C levels. Due to this low glycemic index they are an indispensable complement to meals before training, and you can incorporate them to snack or breakfast.

6 energetic fruits essential for sportsmen and women

Focusing on specific fruits, we find that strawberries also assist us in producing collagen, which strengthens our bones and muscles. In addition to this, they let cardinals appear and assist in monitoring the blood sugar level. As far as cherries are concerned, one of their most notable peculiarities is that they help us to reduce muscular pains, and they are a very interesting fruit to consume both alone and in juices or energetic fruit shakes.

4. Raisins

While many athletes resort to glucose supplements even before practicing sport to achieve energy sources, there have been multiple studies that prove that raisins have exactly the same effect as glucose supplements, being more affordable than these gels that in addition to this not always and at all times please the whole world. All this without forgetting that raisins provide us with interesting nutrients when we practice sports such as potassium, iron or fiber.

6 energetic fruits essential for sportsmen and women

5. Dehydrated fruits

But not only raisins have benefits for athletes, other dried fruits such as dates, plums or dried apricots are rich in potassium, essential in acid-base balance, muscle contraction or neuromuscular activity. Even so, there are differences between them. For example, dates or raisins, with a high glycemic index, are ideal as recuperators or to take in the course of a long sporting activity, while ears, whose glycemic index is lower, can be included in the diet of those who wish to lose weight in the gym and at different meals.

6. Watermelon and melon

We finish with 2 of the indispensable fruits in summer and which, thanks to their high or moderate glycemic index come really well to recover energies. But if we add the watermelon or melon in the fruits and diet for athletes is also for that more than ninety percent of water that helps rehydration after an intense sporting activity, especially watermelon. Besides this, for their sweet taste are 2 fruits really well received by the small ones, who also need these energizing fruits.

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