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6 essential stretches after a spinning class

6 essential stretches after a spinning class
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If, after the spinning session, you are one of those who get off the bike and don’t spend a few minutes stretching, you should know that you are skipping an essential part of your training. Take a look at these stretches to do after a spinning class and you will see that your whole musculature is grateful.

Forty-five minutes you’ve been pedaling at a great pace and doing intense aerobic activity. Your breathing, your heart rate and the muscles that have been involved in the exercise require a minimum restoration time, essential to avoid annoying jerks, aches and pains, cramps or injuries of major importance. Stretching after a spinning session is essential so that this restoration can be done properly and you feel as good as new after the training.

How to stretch after spinning

After class, don’t run off into the shower. It is worth spending a few minutes stretching after spinning to achieve a perfect restoration. The keys to proper stretching are:

  • Make slow movements that progressively increase intensity.
  • You must stretch without forcing the muscle, reaching a point of tension that never involves pain. Prevents hyperextension.
  • When stretching, don’t bounce, just hold the maximum elongation posture for a few seconds.
  • Control your breathing while stretching so that you regain your normal rhythm as well.
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The best stretches for after spinning

The function of stretching after a spinning session is to work gently on the muscles that have been involved in cardio exercise, especially the lower body and back muscles. Among those who can not miss to fill your spinning workout stand out:

1. Quadriceps

Relieve the tension piled up in these large muscles in the front of your thighs with this stretch. Stand next to the bike, holding the handlebars with one hand. Bend the knee further away from the bike and hold the instep with your hand. You’ll appreciate the way the quadriceps are stretched. Remember, keep your posture unbounded. Repeat with opposite leg.

2. Quadriceps and lumbar spine

From exactly the same situation, standing next to your bike, bend the wood face forward, bending your back and leaving your arms loose and your head facing your knees. Flex as far as you can, without forcing and hold for a few seconds, hanging up your arms and head so that the lumbar area is relaxed. This is one of the best exercises to relax your back after training in each of the sessions.

3. Twins

They work hard along the way and you have to avoid them getting stiff. This is a stretch to do after spinning class, even before you get off your bike. Once standing, gently stretch your right leg in front of the pedal by moving your instep up and down. You can fill up the exercise, do certain turns. Do this exercise to relax the twins with both legs.

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4. Hamstrings

They also need to recover by stretching after a spinning session. Achieving it is very simple. Supports the top of the sole of the foot on a bicycle leg, holding the heel in contact with the ground. You’ll see how this simple movement stretches the lower body from the buttocks to the ankles. Make the exercise more complete by doing arm lifts (putting your hands together above your head). Breathe in as you go up and release the air on the descent while holding your leg straight and your heel flat.

5. Stride

This”classic” exercise is ideal for stretching after a spinning session. From the initial situation, standing with your legs together, step forward one leg while flexing one knee at a time. The leg that continues to stretch will release, little by little, the tension piled up along the pedaling. Repeat the stretch with the other leg.

6. Neck

Spinning is a complete cardio exercise, in which almost all our muscles are involved. The upper back and neck are also stressed and require a few seconds of restoration. This stretch is finally a kind of spinning that will really help you to avoid torticollis and related discomfort. Standing up, turn your neck a few times and then bend your head face to the right, placing your hand on the same side above (above your ear). Let the hand do the weight and suppress the tension. Repeat, in the same way, face the opposite side.

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