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Who doesn't want big, toned arms? Biceps, triceps and forearms strengthening helps you wear multiple garments such as suits, tops and dresses. Your training is possible and only the exercise routine presented in the article needs to be continued.

The relevance of nutrition

To achieve stronger arms it is essential to give the muscles the necessary nutrients for their recomposition and compensation. Food is as essential as training and without sufficient intake of certain elements the muscles will not thrive.

It is essential to take into consideration anatomical weight and physical condition to know how to add the appropriate values of protein and carbohydrates. In addition to this, it is essential not to forget to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration of the muscles and achieve good results.

Do I need to use supplements?

Multivitamins, protein powders or other supplements can only serve as a supplement to assist in achieving your goals. The key to success is food and training. In the case of opting for supplements as an aid to prosper in a short term certain results, it is essential to ask beforehand and know how to choose the right one, always and in all circumstances avoiding to exceed the recommended doses.

The training program:

The following arm routine should be accompanied by a full body workout so that the results are triumphant and even. It should only be done once a week for 4 weeks.

Exercise 1: Bar Curl

Hold the bar with your palms facing up and hold your elbows in. Hold your arms outstretched for one second and repeat.

4 series are made. The first 3 are ten, eight and six repetitions respectively. The last series consists of going to the fault, reducing the weight of the bar and repeating it a couple of more times.

Exercise 2: Bench press with narrow grip

This exercise works the triceps, letting the biceps rest.

Hold the bar with your hands shoulder-width apart or, if necessary, closer together. Lose the weight to the chest by counting to 3 and return to the weight by counting to 1. Keep on top until one and repeat the exercise.

Like the previous one, this year there are four series. The first three with ten, eight and six repetitions and the last one lowering the weight of the bar as exhaustion is reached.

Exercise 3: Alternate Hammer Bicep Curls

Hold the dumbbells with the palms of both hands facing each other. Raise one arm on a count of one and lower it down to 3. Immediately start exactly the same way with the other arm. Then reiterate.

Four series are made. The first of ten reiterations per arm, the second of eight reiterations and the third of six reiterations. In the last one you have to go to failure, lose the weight, until you reach failure, lose the weight and also go to failure again.

Exercise 4: False Triceps Extensions

Grab a bar and lie on a bench as if it were a bench press. Bend the elbows and lower the bar until it is just above the forehead. Scroll down counting to 3 and then return to the initial situation counting to one. Hold on to the top along a head count and start over.

The exercise will have 4 sets. The first of ten repeats, the second set of eight repeats, the third of six repeats, and then one last set until you go to the fault, lose the weight on the bar, until the fault again, and then lower the weight of the bar to the fault one last time.

Exercise 5: Cable curls

Take a straight bar and attach it to the lower pulley cable. Hold the bar and lie down in front of the station. It must be held with arms outstretched. Fold your arms in with the bar facing your chest in a count of one, hold yourself in that situation for one more count and return to the outstretched arms situation by counting to three. Wait in that situation for a second and then start again.

This exercise should be carried out in two sets of twenty repetitions, resting only one minute between the two.

Exercise 6: Pushdown Triceps

Grab a rope and put it on a top pulley cable. Hold the ends of the rope with each hand and hold the elbows close to the body. Lower the rope by a count of one until your arms are outstretched. Keep that situation counting to one and lift the weight by counting to three.

As in the previous exercise, two sets of twenty repetitions should be carried out with a single minute of rest between the two.

End of training

These exercises to tone the arms are very effective but at the same time very intense. It is essential to follow the instructions to the letter and not to do any more exercises that involve the effort of these muscles throughout the day. It is also essential to add enough water and groceries after the routine to recover.

It is more than enough to do it over a period of 4 weeks, it is advisable to move it for other smaller training sessions and to do it in six months or so.

The arms are part of the body that is usually excluded or ignored in training. With this routine it is possible to tone them up and progress their image with a few repetitions. The key is to continue the recommendations and not to over-exert yourself. It only takes good training and a proper nutritional plan to have strong, larger arms.

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