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6 exercises for more beautiful arms

6 exercises for more beautiful arms
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You know you won’t be able to hide your arms under a sweater forever. Even though now it’s winter and strapless shirts have given way to jackets and jerseys, you must continue to hold your pretty, sensual arms because the heat will return. In addition to this, you should begin to realize that the arms are one of the most feminine parts of your body. Defined, long and slender, like the neck of a very elegant swan. Now, exactly, is the time to work hard for a few dream arms.

6 exercises for more beautiful arms

If all this has stressed you out, stop worrying. As always and at all times, feelforfit helps you achieve your goals with a daily routine that you can complete in as little as fifteen minutes. If you do this session in your gym, all you need is a dumbbell weighing two or five kilograms, a weight bank and a lot of motivation to get the most beautiful arms on the planet.

1. Lateral lifting

In this exercise you are going to work the deltoids that are in the back of your shoulders. The best thing is for you to do 12 reiterations.

  1. Keep your feet exactly the same width as your hips and subtly bend your knees. In each and every hand, hold a weight with your palm facing your body.
  2. With elbows slightly bent, raise arms face sides to shoulder height. While doing this movement, you should rotate your palms until they end up looking at the ground.
  3. Lower your arms little by little until the initial situation is restored.

2. Triceps flexes

Although it looks like a normal flexion, it has certain peculiarities. This time, what we want to work on are triceps.

6 exercises for more beautiful arms

  1. To begin this exercise, you must put yourself in a position to do push-ups by keeping your body with your arms at right angles. The main difference with normal flexions is in the predisposition of the knees. You must hold them as a point of support on the ground, leaving your feet in the air. Your hands should be at the height of your shoulders but holding a tenuemente smaller distance between them than in the normal flexions.
  2. Now, you have to push your abdominals and fold your arms little by little to try to bring your chest to the floor. It is essential that you hold your forearms in contact with your body and that your back is straight. Another fragile point is the elbows. They must be pointing face back and never face out.
  3. Go back to the initial situation and repeat the operation. The ideal is to do eight to twelve repetitions, rest for a few seconds and return to do eight to twelve repetitions.

3. Face up extension with weights

This is an exercise that looks simpler than it really is. The key is not other than to make it slow but keeping the right situation at all times.

  1. Keep your feet exactly the same width as your hips and knees tenuously bent. You must maintain a weight in each and every hand and vertically.
  2. Start with your hands completely raised, just above your head. With your wrists straight, bend your elbows until you leave the weights behind your head. In the final situation, you’d be with your elbows pointing at the ceiling.
  3. Put your arms back over your head and repeat. Make ten to twelve reiterations.

4. Biceps Reiteration

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of boys do an exercise similar to this one. The truth is that it is an ideal routine to strengthen and delimit the biceps. Although, if you are afraid to have arms that are too muscular, peaceful, this exercise will only help you define them.

  1. Stand straight with your feet respecting the same width as your shoulders. Hold a dumbbell on each and every arm.
  2. With your palms facing the ceiling, bend your elbows and pull your weight up to your shoulders.
  3. Lower your arms and repeat.

5. Exercise for posterior deltoids

To do this exercise you will need a bench or a support. It is an intense exercise that, if done well, you will appreciate the results immediately. Courage, you are only one exercise away from finishing!

6 exercises for more beautiful arms

  1. Hold a dumbbell with your right hand and place your left knee and left hand on a stool. Keep your back straight and also try to align the left knee under your hip and the left hand under your shoulder. In the right hand, it leaves the hand in dead weight and vertically.
  2. Use your abs and shoulder blades to carry the weight from the right hand to the back of the torso. The key is to aim your elbow at the ceiling. The weight must go parallel to your body situation.
  3. Every time you carry the weight to the back of your body and rest your arm again, it’s a reiteration. As with push-ups, do eight to twelve repetitions, take a breath and do eight to twelve repetitions again with the other arm.

6. Press banking

The last of each and every exercise is the press bench. Unless you have a device like this at home, you’ll need to do this exercise in your gym. It is very complete as long as the triceps and pectorals are worked with it and, although it may not seem so, it is tremendously addictive.

  1. On a single bench, you should stretch yourself face up with the soles of your feet on the ground.
  2. Grab the sidebar with both hands.
  3. Pull the bar face the roof to unhook it from the lock. Then stretch it as high as you can, endure in that situation for a moment, and come back down to the moment when it is at your chest height. That’s a reiteration. Make fifteen, breathe and come back for fifteen more.

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