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Perseverance is one of the secret ingredients for effective physical exercise and its benefits. If you have little time, take note of these exercises to do at the gym in just thirty minutes - there's no excuse to skip your training!

We know that time is a scarce commodity in our day after day to start going to the gym, but devoting at least half an hour to ourselves, disconnecting from the stress and moving our whole body while we practice some sport, is basic to our own well-being. Stretch muscles and joints, tear out our cardiovascular system and burn some extra calories in the process? Don't give up that 30-minute routine in the gym because it's a big deal and it'll make you rest better, feel better and recharge your batteries for the next day.

Thirty-minute routine to get fit at the gym

Don't fool yourself, get rid of the laziness and get going with these six options to take advantage of your half-hour workout at the gym. Make a note of that:

1. Full body circuit

If you are in great physical shape and want to hold it even on days when you have little time, try this complete circuit with which you will train the different muscle groups combining aerobic exercise with strength work, as indicated:

  • Squatting with jumping
  • Push ups
  • Heel lift with dumbbell
  • Press banking
  • Climbing (mountain climbers)
  • Jump rope (1 minute)

Do eight to ten repetitions of each exercise, calculating that the circuit should take you between twelve to thirteen minutes. Rest two to three minutes and repeat it. Half an hour of exercise, you'll find.

2. Elliptical

It is one of the best gym machines to lose weight, with which to work your whole body in a minimum amount of time and in addition to this, performing a low-impact exercise. Tones the muscles of both the upper body (moving forward with the canes) and the lower body. To stay in shape and burn fat, thirty minutes on the elliptical is a great option.

3. Routine Plank

The iron or plank is a calisthenics exercise, which you perform with your anatomical weight. It is ideal for gaining strength and definition. Devoting half an hour, one day per week, only to this exercise guarantees a flat stomach and a splendid physical shape. Distribute the time by making the traditional plank (lying face down, leaning on the palms of your hands and the tips of your toes, with your arms stretched out, while holding your back and head perfectly aligned) and combining it with side irons and with planks with support on your knees and/or forearms. Maximum efficiency in minimum time.

4. Abdominals + bicycle

Good proposal to work hard the muscles of the lower body and burn fat. Start your half-hour workout at the gym by spending the first fifteen minutes doing series that include different abdominal exercises (upper, lower and oblique). After two minutes of rest, get on your bike alternating a lighter and a softer rhythm. Ends with a high intensity interval (HIIT) for energy expenditure to continue after the end of the exercise

5. Stretching

30 minutes of exercises focused on stretching are also an ideal alternative for training in a different way, working your joints and gaining flexibility for your whole body and elasticity for your muscles. It combines concrete exercises for arms - shoulders, legs, waist - hips, chest - like new in just half an hour.

6. Cardio circuitry. Tape + aerobic exercise

Start your routine by running, at an incessant pace, on the treadmill for fifteen minutes. Go from less to more in your cardio routine, that is, start jogging and end with a 30 second sprint. Take a two-minute break and do a series of aerobic exercises including: knee lifts, stretching jumps, lateral leg extension jumps, side squats with movement, leg opening jumps? the idea is to hold you in ceaseless motion for the 30 minutes you are in the gym.

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