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6 exercises to work the core

6 exercises to work the core
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Hello to each and every fitness enthusiast, today I present to you six exercises to work the “Core”, the core, the center of our body which is subjected to continuous forces and whose function is to stabilize and make us hold ourselves upright.

6 exercises to work the core

To have strong the CORE is the base for a good postural control, it must be strong and well trained, it has his application so much in the daily life for any sport discipline that we practice.

For this we propose six exercises with which you will work the buttocks, the lumbar square and the abdominals among many others.

Finally, we will also present you with a work case. It is essential that when we perform the exercises we press the abdomen tightly inside the face, just as if we wanted to press the navel against the lumbar area.

Without going any further, just for the fact that you have a very basic idea, we are going to teach you certain exercises for the work of what has been previously indicated.

Exercise table:

Next we propose a sequence of exercises to include in your routine, a good moment to include it can be already before carrying out your training. We can serve as activation!

We will perform the next exercises three times with the indicated reiterations, one after the other without rest, resting finally at the end of the series. Remember, it’s just a case, each of them must conform to their level. Try to do each and every one of the exercises in a soft and controlled way, maximum concentration and psyche muscle connection and enjoy the exercises!

As rest time between series we are going to take 1 minute/60 seconds.

6 exercises to work the core

1 – Front plate

We support each other with our elbows at 90º, feet at the width of the hips and we support the situation, keep the abdomen strong and tighten it, if you do it well, you will appreciate the difference! Try not to make tents or sink our lower back.

40 seconds

2 – Side plate

Exercise similar to the previous one, with an isometric contraction, we hold the situation, elbow at 90º and we hold the log well aligned, we hold the abdomen inside, prevent your hip from falling.

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3 – Side plate with circles

Another similar exercise but a little more challenging for our buttocks, with the leg stretched out, we will draw small circles with the tip of the foot as if it were a pencil. Remember, the foot has to be well stretched and the abdomen inside.

10 circles in each and every direction

4 – Buttock Bridge/Hip Lifts

Essential exercise to work all the following chain, with the hands well stretched and strong against the ground to the edge of our body, we raise the rear of the ground pressing tightly the buttocks as if we had a banknote of five hundred? between the legs (less is not worth) hehe.

6 exercises to work the core

15 repetitions

We go up and down in a controlled way, fitting each joint together.

5 – Iron arms stretched + kick gluteus

Front iron with arms stretched out, hands should fall under our shoulders, hold our back straight and raise one leg first and then move to the other. Concentrate on holding your back steady and squeezing your buttocks hard at the end!

10 repetitions per leg

6 – Alternating leg and arm extension

We extend leg and arm contrary to the time, it is an exercise to work the stability, do it slowly, controlling each movement and feeling the musculature implied, I tighten strong gluteus and abdomen inside.

16 repetitions

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