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6 exercises you can do at home with a chair

6 exercises you can do at home with a chair
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If you don’t train, it’s because you don’t want to. You need very little to keep fit, burn calories and work your muscles without leaving home. Try this workout routine with a chair and you’ll see that it’s as effective as any session in the gym.

6 exercises you can do at home with a chair

You don’t have to buy machines to set up a gym at home. Certain routine objects and furniture can become your best allies when you exercise. A few books or a 1kg bag of food can be your particular dumbbells, two steps are ideal to practice step and a chair, well used, will have nothing to envy to certain better training machines. Turning your home into a gym doesn’t have to be an expensive investment. Look at these exercises to do with a chair and you will verify that there are no excuses to skip training.

The best exercises for training at home with a chair

Working legs, buttocks, abdomen or arms is easier than you think using a chair to train at home. Sitting or leaning on it you will have a practical accessory with which you can do a multitude of exercises to train at home, very varied, such as the ones below

6 exercises you can do at home with a chair

1. Elevation of knees

Sit in the chair with a straight back and a contracted abdomen. Lift one knee face to chest and repeat eight to ten times. Do it with the opposite leg. Rest for a few seconds and practice the exercise again raising both knees in unison.

2. Waist and oblique

Sitting with your buttocks more or less in the middle of the seat, extend your arms and flex the log face forward trying to touch the tip of your right foot with your left hand. You’ll appreciate the way your waist rotates and your oblique abdominals and back muscles work. Do the exercise with the knees (legs) well apart to increase the degree of complexity.

3. Funds

Support the back of the chair on a wall to ensure stability and sit on the edge holding the seat with your hands while holding your arms straight. From this initial situation, advance face forward until the moment your buttocks are in the air, out of the chair. Start folding your elbows while lowering your buttocks. So, you make funds, a great exercise that you can do at home with the help of a chair and with which you will get strength in your triceps and arms firm and powerful.

6 exercises you can do at home with a chair

4. Leg face back

The back of the chair can serve you perfectly as a point of support to make elevations of the lower extremities with which to work buttocks and legs, and remove fat piles of this area always and in all problematic circumstances. Stand behind the chair and hold the backrest with both hands. First raise one leg face back, hold for a few seconds and descend. Repeat eight ? ten times and do the same with the opposite leg.

5. Abdominals

You can also train them at home with a chair and thus achieve maximum efficiency in this exercise. Just lie on your back on the floor and put your feet on the seat. Elevate the log to a 45ยบ angle. Hold for a few seconds and descend. You can put your arms behind your neck or hold them stretched out trying to push with them when you do the elevation. In any case, it costs! but these abdominals are a great option if your goal is to achieve a flat stomach.

6. Steps

You can also do at home, with a chair, an aerobic exercise like this. Make sure the chair is well supported to avoid any accident. Stand in front of her and start stepping up one leg first and then the other. You are in front of a “big step” that you will have to go up and down trying to maintain an incessant rhythm that will depend on your physical shape and your level of training.

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