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Beautiful legs, firm and naturally without fat accumulation is the purpose to achieve. You have many sports, such as running or cycling, that help you reach it more besides this, there are exercises to burn fat in the legs in the fastest and most efficient way.

Buttocks, hips and legs, especially the inner thighs, even knees, are areas where fat seems to have a predilection to settle. To avoid this, it is essential to know how to combine aerobic exercise with strength training so that, by burning calories, fat disappears and muscles sprout, ready to work with them and thus achieve better tone.

It is necessary to understand that when we exercise, our organism looks for the energy it needs wherever it is. Intense aerobic activity will always and under all circumstances result in the burning of generalised fat, although its action will be more evident in those points with a greater presence of fat tissue. If you want to remove fat from your legs, play a sport that involves intense cardiovascular work. In this way, you will burn more calories by training, you will"attack" the fat in its entirety and, in addition to this, your body will continue to"pull" them even after the end of physical exercise. Skipping, running, step up and down, cycling? They are all aerobic exercises that promote the burning of extended fat, also in the legs.

The best training plan for losing thigh fat

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Let the muscles that shape your undercarriage become noticeable by getting rid of the fat that covers them. Try including these specific fat removal exercises in your fat loss training in a month or a few weeks and in a few weeks you'll see the results:

1. Squats. It is essential if you want to burn the excess fat on the lower body and limit the buttocks and legs. Standing up, with your legs apart at hip level and your back straight, descend to practically touch your calves with your buttocks. Go up and repeat. If you are in good shape, when you ascend, you can fill the exercise with a jump already before returning to the initial situation.

2. Stride with straight leg. It is another of the ideal exercises to burn fat on the legs. The basic way to do this is as follows: standing, move one leg forward as you flex it (until the knee forms a 90° angle) while holding the other leg straight. Bounce back for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise by shedding your leg.

three. Lateral extensions with flexible band. Lying on a mat on your side, with your legs stretched out, together and collected in a flexible band that involves resistance, lift your upper leg as high as you can, keeping it straight. It is an exercise typical of TRX leg training and works both legs alternating the initial posture.

4. Upside down leg lift. Lying down in this situation, try to lift your legs as much as possible without bending your knees. First one and then the other. They are"reverse earwigs" that work intensely on each of the lower muscles and are great for burning fat in the legs.

5. Pedaling. Lying on your back, lift the log with your hands to support your hips and move your legs as if you were on a bike. You'll mobilize any and all of the fats in the area by combining strength and endurance in an exercise, in addition to this, aerobic.

6. Elevation plus flexion. Lying on the floor in a lateral position, in a single movement, raise the upper leg to the limit, lower it without touching the other leg, bend your knee trying to touch your chest and stretch again. Repeat ten times with one leg to remove fat from the thighs and another ten times with the other. Hard but effective!

As you can see, these are very simple exercises to lose fat in your legs, which you can do in your training at home, always and at all times trying to do series that combine high intensity intervals. With a little perseverance, your legs won't have the slightest hint of fat left.

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