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"I have stiff feet","It's cold","I'm exhausted after work","I have a session","It's raining"....There are many excuses for not going out for a run and pretexts we use to find when we don't feel like wearing our shoes. Has this ever happened to you? If you do this, you'll probably need some infallible tricks to motivate you to go for a run, like the ones we're showing you now.

How can you encourage yourself to run?

If you like running, you probably already know that it is a very advantageous exercise for your health, as it helps you to lose weight, strengthen your muscles, work on your endurance and, in short, feel much better day after day. However, there are many mistakes that you must avoid when you go running and sometimes, you run even out of obligation, so it is more than likely that this activity can be heavy and discouraging in a short time.

In order to avoid monotony from becoming the owner of this unique moment of the day, such as going out for a run, we will help you to motivate you to go out for a run. Write down these 6 infallible tricks that will motivate you to go out running every day and without excuses:

1. Find a partner

If you've recently been a little discouraged from going for a run, you've probably gotten tired of going for a run on your own. For this reason, the first sure-fire trick to encourage you to run is, precisely, to find the company of a friend or acquaintance who shares a little chat with you while you run, and who has exactly the same interest in this amazing sport as you do....

2. Take some music with you

There are many people who prefer to run alone instead of going out with colleagues. However, many of them find in music a great motivation to lift their shoes off the ground. You can pull out an extensive music playlist to run, or simply tune in to your favorite radio station, or pick up a podcast that you find interesting.

3. Enjoy the activity itself

Many people start to run every day and yet end up becoming unmotivated because they only focus on how difficult or fatigued it is to practice this sport. For this reason, another infallible Turk who will motivate you to go running is to enjoy this activity itself. If you don't know whether to choose to run on a treadmill or outdoors, when you go out for a run, take advantage of the calm that this sport brings you, enjoy the solitude or the company when you run, contemplate the landscape around you, and take advantage of this moment to free yourself from the stress.

4. Set yourself real goals

One of the most powerful incentives of running is, without a doubt, that this sport gives us the possibility to set goals and objectives that we thought were inaccessible. And the good thing about starting to run daily is that in a short time you will appreciate an incredible physical advance that will allow you to set yourself more ambitious goals and that will undoubtedly be a great motivation to go for a run, don't you think?

5. Sign up for races

Nowadays, the cultural and sports agendas of most cities and towns are used to having popular races or marathons practically every weekend. For this reason, a great motivation to go for a run and leave apologies aside is to sign up for certain of these races and train hard throughout the week to make a good mark.

6. Value your results, your dedication and your work

There is nothing better to encourage oneself than to value the small achievements we make in our daily activities. Since the same thing happens with running, one of the best ways to motivate ourselves is to focus on the results we achieve with our own care.

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